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Minimizing the penalty for Combat Expertise and Fighting Defensively


Besides the trait Threatening Defender, what feats or options are there to reduce the penalties to hit?

I am making up a Paladin for a friends game (he is introducing his daughter and her friend to RPG playing/Pathfinder) and they wanted me to make a good solid tank for their game. He will be running the Legacy of Fire AP if that helps.

I have an overall idea for the character and am looking for some help with minimizing the penalty to hit for the above listed actions and feat.

The character is a male Human Paladin of Sarenrae from the Katapesh are, which is locked in stone by the GM so I cannot do any multiclassing or change the race. He is keeping it 'simple' for now so no archetypes either, but he is allowing all spells and feats from Core, APG, UM and UC.

For RP reasons the character has already taken the Blade of Mercy Trait along with the Threatening Defender trait and Combat Expertise.

Suggestions on decent feats overall would be appreciated as well.

Thank is advance for any help/suggestions you can give.

Liberty's Edge

Crane Style from UC is good for this. Potentially very good, though you'll have to 'waste' a Feat on Improved Unarmed Strike and have Dex 13 for Dodge to qualify.

If you can get Intimidate as a Class Skill (and possibly even if you can't), Enforcer + Blade of Mercy is an awesome combo.

In terms of more general advice for Paladin Feats go here.

Also note that, having taken Combat Expertise you can grab a manever Feat or two and be really good at, say, Tripping. That's not common for Paladins, but potentially very cool and useful.
Personally, at 1st level I'd ditch Threatening Defender and grab both Enforcer and a Trait that makes Intimidate class (I reccomend 'Missionary' so you have a Campaign Trait), pick up Power Attack at level 3, then pursue one of the Feat trees listed (or grab some Maneuver Feats) starting at level 5.

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