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Scenario Checklist?

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Grand Lodge ***

Does anyone have a scenario checklist they use and willing to share? I tried keeping a spreadsheet of what I know has been run locally, but with new players joining and others leaving and the conventions going on I stopped trying to keep track of whats been ran by who. Anyone have a decent looking checklist that I can hand out to players? Thanks in advance!

p.s. Hey Paizo maybe you might want to release something official? Would be easier then everyone flipping through their chronicles.

Grand Lodge ***

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I've got a rather basic one if you'd like me to send it. cblome59(at)hotmail(dot)com

Scarab Sages *****

We have a master spreadsheet via google docs that people are asked to update as then run/play. People could always choose to not update it, but then they shouldn't be surprised when games keep getting scheduled that they've already played.

Just checked and there are 48 people updating on there, which is probably 80-90% of our local player base.

Also, I've recently updated it so that you can select players and the GM and it recommends scenarios.

Shadow Lodge *****

Link to the Doc Spreadsheet ?

Dark Archive **

The biggest problem from what I've seen is that players don't update their scenarios played list. And of course they complain or say nothing when scenarios are posted. I wasn't going to do their work for them, and if they did just a little bit of work, it would make everybody's lives easier.

Scarab Sages ****

Here's a link to a post about a booklet that was created to track modules played and judged. I know it will need to be updated with new modules from time to time, but it's a great start and I thank Jeff Mahood and his group for creating it.

Liberty's Edge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Central Europe aka Thamius

The direct link to the excellent resource noswald is talking about: Ontario Pathfinders Scenario Checklist Book

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