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Unique Character Archetype Contruction Buildings

Pathfinder Online

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

So what I mean by this is, for an example, if a Druid goes out into the woods and finds a nice spot to make a building, it could be a giant tree home. A wizard could make a giant tower, or a cleric could do a cathedral. Ranger could make an outpost hiding spot.

Specific Class restricted buildings, I personally like the idea of making a building that only your class could make, it adds to the feeling that it is "yours" and with a decorative feature it could be very cool.

so thoughts?

Edit: I changed the title to Archetype

Goblin Squad Member

There should certainly be shrines and temples for the various gods. Shrines might be built by anyone, but temples should require a cleric to start them. I could imagine terrain requirements are well; a river or lakeside location for a god associated with water, for example.

Druids might also have Stonehenge like structures, too. Race specific structures might also be possible.

Sovereign Court Goblin Squad Member

I thought that they were doing a more skill based sandbox game. There were going to be archetype paths that your character could develop skills towards to earn like a merit badge but no one was going to be defined along a typical table top character class.

Can't really have class specific buildings without classes after all. I like the idea of having a variety of building options and styles to choose from, though any particular types would probably be on the types that the people who are doing the building want laid out. The crafters supporting that aspect of the game and the people who are supporting and protecting them.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

@Morgen ah right, the skill basing. So it could within the skills that you would need certain skills to build a specific building (Aka the more skills built in the archetype druid, the closer you get to Tree House)

Goblin Squad Member

Or the more skills in Architect. I'm seeing building styles as more closely tied to the Architect's skills, not the Druid's. Still, maybe only a Druid Architect could make giant trees, and only a Fighter Architect could make a coliseum, but that sounds a bit too restrictive. Archetypes are going to take a long, long time to train, after all...

Still, it's nice to think about.

Goblin Squad Member

@Morgen, there will still be the 11 Core Classes from the tabletop game. See the "But What about Levels and Classes?" section of the blog titled Your Pathfinder Online Character.

@Armaros-the-Fell, I'm holding out a lot of hope that the Watchtowers can be personalized to a greater degree, and I think it would be awesome if each Archetype had a custom option. I very much want a Wizard's Tower :)

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