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Good Character Sheet Generator

Product Discussion

Scarab Sages

Couple of questions;

Does anyone know or have a link to a good character sheet generator that is as complete as it can be (up to date)?

Is there any character sheet generator that has dragonborn included?


no dragonborn in pathfinder......

Dragonborn are a 3.5 race, and if anyone is using WoTC materials they would have been shutdown, assuming WoTC knew about them. IIRC even the free 3.5 character generator sites received a cease and desist.

As for PF character generators there is PCGen which is always being updated, and a few of the members here have made some, but I don't know how up to date they are.

Scarab Sages

Thanks, I know there are no dragonborn in Pathfinder, found a couple of good conversions here. Using in my home brew game; was just wondering if anyone else did and had access to a good character generator.

Grand Lodge


You can add a breath weapon and more or less use this...

I like this sheet generator YAPCG

If you want to drop the $$, Herolab is worth double the price. I am so happy I purchased it. It has options for creating new races, just use the editor found in "Tools". There are plenty of people on these boards and others that can offer advice.

sCoreForge has the option for custom races, so you could build the dragon born easy enough.

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