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Advice on Running a Pathfinder Themed Campaign

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The time has come for me to create a new campaign (my group is currently running all eight adventure paths- the ninth,second darkness, has just been completed...and 3 others are nearing completion). I have decided to create a Pathfinder themed campaign, by chaining together a bunch of pathfinder society scenarios.

So, I post on these here messageboards to collect some wisdom on this subject. I want to use as much published material as possible (gone are the days when I had the patience or time to build a campaign from scratch).

The challenges I face are numerous- Society Scenarios are globe-spanning, short, and often independent from one another. There is no metaplot.*
*as far as I've seen, but I'm not expert

The pathfinder society rules are unimportant for the purpose of this campaign, though I do plan on using the faction progression presented in the Faction Guide.

I would like to start the campaign in Absalom with the Pathfinder Society Scenario Intro to introduce the lodges, and really drive home the fact that these PCs are fledgeling members of The Society. I've considered starting the campaign before they are initiated, and play through the initiation, but have opted to start after it, due to the lack of information about the process and finding it to not make great campaign material.

My group consists of RP junkies, so the "travel-fight-travel-fight-travel..." setup doesn't go over well.

Here are the questions I'd like to present to all of you:

1. What Scenarios should I chain together? which ones would go well together, which ones tie into each other, which ones are your favorites?

2. How to deal with the immense amount of travel? Teleportation is lame (but may be inevitable)! Should the Scenarios used be all in a similar area, to reduce the amount of travel? Does anyone have any interesting suggestions on how to make the travel meaningful, but fast?

3. zomgMETAPLOT - How to create a metaplot using these scenarios? Is there already little metaplots which I could build on?

4. Has anyone run something like this in the past? Is there any place on the web where I can find resources for this project?

I think that pretty much does it, I'm looking forward to hear what people have to say! Any and all discussions/suggestions are appreciated!

apologies if this is in the wrong section, wasn't quite sure where to put it.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

bump, anyone?

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