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Jade Regent Caravan

Jade Regent

I am starting the Jade Regent adventure path for my group and want to fully understand the caravan rules before introducing it to my players.

In the first players guide there is a basic rundown on the caravan that talks about how to build it and even how the caravan as a character does combat.

however when it comes to PC involvement in this combat it seems to asume that the PCs will be off fighting something else while the caravan fights its minions.

I cant however find a scenario for the caravan combat. In fact the entire middle part of the brinewall legacy which consists of a trip by caravan to brinewall castle is covered in a half page which gives the general rout, states that the rout should take 16 days and implies it can be hand waved away.

If this was the only caravan to deal with I would just figure it out... but it seems like the next 2 or 3 books kind of hinge on this caravan situation and I would like to get it right.

can any one give me some pointers or point me to the best set of instructions?

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Wrong forum dude. This is Pathfinder Society GM forum. I've flagged it, so you should be moved shortly...

right... so i am a GM in this campaign. is this ONLY for special group play?

If so where does one talk about this?

You're looking for the Jade Regent subforum: th/jadeRegent

This is the GM subforum for the Pathfinder Society Organized Play Campaign. has more details on the Pathfinder Society Organized Play Campaign.

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The encounters tend to be listed in the Bestiary (end of the book) rather than the adventure itself.

My co-host and I did a podcast on this very topic (well, and vehicle rules from UC), that you might find helpful.

The Gamers' Guide to Vehicles and Caravans

There tends to be some fairly big issues with the caravan rules as the adventures go on, so I would highly suggest perusing the Jade Regent forum to see issues others have had and possible fixes (there are some suggestions in the podcast as well... but some of the problems got worse as more issues of the AP came out after recording).

Hope that helps!

Sean Mahoney

Sovereign Court

Also, the caravan rules kinda 'fade out' around the 4th book of the AP.

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