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[3.5] Suggestions for races of creatures likely to be found in drow societies

Second Darkness

I'm looking for any suggestions people might have for races of creatures that might be found in a drow society, most likely as slaves or servants, with a spider type relationship. The flavor of the creature can be changed, just as driders were.

Things like chitines for example. In a couple of weeks my group is going to be doing the 4th book, and I wanted to give them some other options of creatures to impersonate besides just drow. I would especially like small and large choices, not just medium.

Thanks for any help.

Also, it would be preferred if the creatures don't have natural spellcasting abilities, though that is not absolutely necessary.


The Exchange

"Spider-like" creatures from 3.5 off the top of my head: araneas, ettercaps, retrievers, bebeliths. You already mentioned chitines.

The common flavor has been drow using goblinoid races as slaves, since they're already adapted to a subterranean environment. Perhaps using the fleshcrafting techniques of that particular noble house, they've adapted them with spider-like attributes. Picture a mob of spindly-limbed goblins swarming over a giant stalagmite house, making repairs or hanging ornaments for a party, using fleshcrafted spinnerets to produce spider silk to tie scaffolding or string banners.

I had considered those core creatures before (and they do have a place in my drow societies), but I looked at them again and realized that an advanced ettercap can be large. That would take care of a large creature.

A few more ideas of creatures:
Narleth (creature collection 1)
Spider-eye goblin (creature collection 1)
Sandmasker (creature collection 1)
Insectile creature template (Savage Species)
Chitine (Monsters of Faerun/Underdark)
Choldrith (Monsters of Faerun)
Half-fiend Draegloth (Monsters of Faerun/Champions of Ruin)

Oh yeah, also:
Verminoid Template (Advanced Bestiary)

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