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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Looking for players San Francisco Bay Area

Gamer Connection

I'm looking to start a game up that plays on Tuesday nights 7 to 11 PM weekly. I have 2 dedicated players and would love to add a couple more. Campaign will start in late May and we will likely play at my house which is a couple blocks from BART in San Francisco. We will be playing The Slumbering Tsar AP from Frog God Games.

email me if interested royaswel at yahoo dot com

Dark Archive

Aww that sounds like a good time, but there's no way I can get into the city on a weeknight.

The Exchange


I would suggest joining your friendly neighborhood Bay Area Pathfinder community: BAPS Yahoo Group. We have close to 200 members and many live in and around SF.

Best of luck.


Ooh, cool, I will post for players when the date draws closer. thanks

Dark Archive

Yes, I'll second what Pain said. Society is a great way to set up a home game. I've gotten a couple players out of it for my Sunday group.

If you drop by Monday nights at Endgame Oakland say hi. }: )

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