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GAMEX 2012 - PFS Los Angeles, CA Memorial Day weekend - 4 days of gaming

Local Play

Grand Lodge **** RPG Venture-Captain, California—Los Angeles aka miniaturepeddler

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GAMEX 2012 is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend (May 25th - May 28th, Friday through Monday) in Los Angeles, California.

This event is scheduled at the Sheraton LAX hotel, easy access via airport shuttle from the airport, or locally via the 405 and 105 freeways.

Pathfinder Society Games (as well as a large number of other role playing games) are scheduled from Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon.

Convention registration is at

PFS event registration is occuring on Warhorn at

See the Paizo event information here Paizo event page

Games are scheduled daily from 8am to 1pm, 2pm to 7pm and 8pm to 1am. (three sessions most days).

The convention does require registration attend PFS events. Preregistration is encouraged to reserve your spots in the event, through if there are room at tables, walk ins are accepted.

Come join over 1000 fellow gamers that are descending on Los Angeles for a weekend of gaming fun!!!

Remember for those that pre-register, there is a discount to convention fees for registered PFS participants, simply indicate your membership in PFS during registration on the Strategicon site.

*** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, California—Los Angeles (Santa Clarita) aka Lava Child

I'm looking forward to it, bring my wife and a bunch of friends. I'll be GMing 5 sessions if Robyn would like and I hope to see a lot of locals there!


Grand Lodge **** RPG Venture-Captain, California—Los Angeles aka miniaturepeddler

We always LOVE our volunteers and GMs who are what make the conventions happen!!

Head on over to the warhorn site and choose the scenarios you would like to GM and we will get you all set up!!

Thanks Nick.

Grand Lodge **** RPG Venture-Captain, California—Los Angeles aka miniaturepeddler

Wow, 33 full tables of PFS goodness and fun:

Its hard to believe that so much goodness can be packaged into a simple four days.

Reminder set your calendars for two more conventions that will be happening in Los Angeles this year:

Gateway 2012 over Labor Day weekend (the first weekend of September) in Los Angeles, CA

Socal Smackdown 2012 September 21st/22nd in Anaheim, CA

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