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After enjoying weeks of fame in the town of Sandpoint, our heroes find themselves once again in the Brown Tooth Inn, sharing tales of the Black Fang Dungeon with a small group of green adventurers. The Inn is busier than usual tonight, when suddenly a hush falls over the patrons. All eyes turn to the door as a female adventurer enters with her entourage. Our heroes can tell just from looking at her that she has seen her share of adventures. With nod to the innkeeper she heads for the back room with her servants and attendants in tow.

A short while later a small, barefooted servant approaches our heroes. "The lady wishes to see you now." he says. Without waiting for an answer he hurries out the door of the inn.

Looking at each other in puzzlement, our heroes head to the back room where they meet Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch. She explains to them there is some undead trouble in a town called Galduria. There is also some missing thugs and an instructor at the local school of magic involved. Sheila gives the party enough funds to secure travel in a caravan to and from Galduria.

Upon arrival in the desolate, depressing town, our heroes proceed to ask around about the strange happenings in town. They are directed to the house of Hazelindra, the local witch and an instructor at the Twilight Academy. She explains to them that she was roughed up a couple nights ago and had an artifact stolen from her that raises the dead. She is very afraid the Academy will find out that her carelessness with the candle is to blame for the undead in the graveyard. After explaining her situation, Hazelindra pleads with our heroes to NOT tell the Academy of her involvement, and offers the candle as a payment for the heroes silence.

Our heroes head out to the graveyard at night and find the crypt where the candle is placed. After a very harrowing battle with some undead, our heroes emerge victorious and head back to Sandpoint only to have Venture-Captain Sheila take the Candle of Night and disappear into the crowd.

The only reward is her appreciation and a promise of future jobs.

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That sounds like a blast! How are your players liking the streamlined BB rules?


Well wait, she's going to give the heroes the candle as payment for retrieving the candle? I'm a little confused by that element of the plot. And also what is a party of good characters going to do with an undead-raising candle?

Scarab Sages

That is how the adventure is written. The candle the adventurers obtain is offered as a payment/gift.

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My kids really like the stream lined do I. I have very little GM experience and like to keep things simple.

The candle was eventually turned over to the Pathfinder Society for archiving.

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Actually the witch is embarassed that she lost the candle and doesnt want the local magic school to find out that she is the cause of the "issues".. in order to keep the PCs quiet, she tells them to keep the candle.

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Has this already been played?
If not, you could have Venture-Captain Sheila show up at the graveyard after the battle and steal the candle from the PCs. Sheila could then become an antagonist; and perhaps the witch becomes an ally. Just a thought.

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Yeah we played this already. I kind of wanted to use the Venture Captain as a way to get some adventures proposed to my group. They haven't really gotten into their character's back stories yet.

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