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My Thread is gone

Website Feedback

But I can still see the post I made at the top of my list of Posts.

Should I try to re-create the Thread? Or was it deleted on purpose? If the latter, is there some way I can find out why?

The Thread was in the Pathfinder Online forums, titled: Lessons Learned - What Not to do.

The Post was:

This might get ugly fast, but it might not. I thought it might be helpful to hear complaints people have about existing systems, to try to avoid similar pitfalls in PFO.

My own contribution is something that makes me livid every time I run across it in LOTRO. It might not be a problem in PFO, since it's really related to the LOTRO being a Theme Park.

Basically, in any given area, there might be three different mobs that can spawn: A Bear, a Pig, or a Wolf. The problem comes in that, any time any creature spawns, it has an equal chance to be one of the three, regardless of how many are already spawned. What happens is that characters go through questing, killing every Wolf because they need Wolf Tails. Over time, if no one is killing the Bears and Pigs, eventually you get to where there aren't any Wolves spawned at all.

This system is so perverse because I have to kill Bears and Pigs in order to make room for Wolves to spawn, but if there's another player running around only killing Wolves, he is getting all the benefit, and I'm getting royally screwed.

The same thing happened to me the other day, and then later it magically reappeared. I would go to the website section, and let Paizo know, just in case your thread does not return.

wraithstrike wrote:
I would go to the website section, and let Paizo know...

Isn't that what I did with this thread?

Never mind. The Thread has been restored.

Silver Crusade

Ok, now I have the same problem. There are some threads I can't get to by clicking on them. Instead it just takes me to a list of threads in that subforum. So I created a thread about it here in the Website Feedback area about 2 hours ago. Now my thread here in Website Feedback is gone.

The postmonster is evil. You might have to PM Gary and hope that does not get eaten if it does not get fixed.

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