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Animal companion dayjobs

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion


So, when an animal companion gets a certain Int score they have access to all skills, not just the animal ones. If you give your animal a profession, does that mean that the animal can also make a day job roll after a scenario?

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Northwest aka WalterGM

I don't believe so. I recall summoners with synthesized eidolions not being able to get their +8 bonus on day job checks (one granted from their equivalent of a companion), so I would argue that the same limiting logic would apply here. If, for flavor, you wanted to say that your ape was helping you make pies, though, that's more than fine.


Only PCs get day job rolls. Not companions.

Grand Lodge *****

Pirate Rob wrote:
Only PCs get day job rolls. Not companions.


The Exchange ****

wow... I need a character with a day job "Organ Grinder"... wait, that just brings other things to mind. NOT the lunch meat industry. The guys with the monkeys with tin cups...

Grand Lodge *****

The animal companion is a class feature, not a character, therefore, they cannot gain any chronicle sheets, which gives them no opportunity to make a Day Job roll.



Bummer. The wolf's name is Ammy, and I figured that you can give her profession painter. That would have been amazing :)

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Alaska—Anchorage aka Dragnmoon

What would work though would have a character have a Day Job that involves your Companion..

Profession: Street Performer
Profession: Guard *Canine Cops*
Profession: Hunter

And my favorite...

Profession: Taxidermist - When Kyle is your GM

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