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email sent on the 11th of March not yet responded to.

Customer Service


I sent an email to on March 11th, the text of which is as follows:

text of email:
I just got my geeky hands on the colossal red dragon and gargantuan black dragon figures from the Dungeons and Dragons icons line. does not have these figures on the site. I don't know if you ever did.

Are you interested in buying them, at least in theory?

Each has a card, and a 'Rules and Scenarios' insert but neither are in boxes, and I don't have the battle grid.
The red has its cone of fire.

There are no blemishes or imperfections in either of them.

Please let me know if they are something I can sell to you.

eBay is my plan b.

Taliesin Hoyle.

It may have been overlooked, so I am putting it up here.

Thanks for your attention.

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If you dont get any luck, I'd be interested in buying them.

If that's a possibility, please send me an email:

steve dot geddes at

EDIT: Or a PM now, I guess..


Paizo Employee Sales Associate

Those responsible for the buyer emails were on vacation, or otherwise out of the office for a time earlier this month. Therefore, emails to buyer are a bit backlogged. Rest assured that we are working through the backlog as quickly as possible.

We did receive your email and rest assured all emails to buyer will be responded to in the order in which they came in.


Thank you.

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