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Justicar of the Order of the Dragon


Liberty's Edge

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Ya, that's a lot of "of the"'s but whatever. Anyways, this character idea is a half-elf with Paladin 3/Sorcerer 2/Dragon Disciple 1. His stats are (with a 25 point buy):

Stat Block:
STR 16
DEX 12
CON 14
INT 12
CHA 19 (after racial and level adjustment, all levels going into CHA)

That being said, this guy is going to have a natural Strength score of 26 because I am also dipping into the Eldritch Heritage feats for Abyssal. Now the problem I'm having is, what the funk are my other feats going to be? I picked up Noble Scion (Scion of War) as my first level feat so I can use my Charisma to my initiative, other than that I'm at a loss for the levels that aren't reserved for the Eldritch Heritage feats. I'm going to primarily use this guy as a blaster, and his ridiculous Strength score is there for when the inevitable happens and his spells fizzle out. I know I am taking Intimidating Prowess because he is going to be a dragon, and what's scarier then a dragon? Besides a Tarrasque. But ya, any advice you folks can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The Exchange

Did you know that the Justiciar and Order of the Dragon are both classes?

Liberty's Edge

Tirq wrote:
Did you know that the Justiciar and Order of the Dragon are both classes?

Yup, but I also know that Justicar is the title given to people in an order of law doers who want to go out and meet out justice head on. And the Order of the Dragon is just his religion basically. This character is basically just story fluff, big boomy spells spells (draconic bloodline adds to boomy), and the ability to get into a fist fight with a troll. But still, what the heck feats should I be taking? I know I am taking Toughness and Quicken Spell as a couple of my bonus bloodline feats, but other than that nothing can come to mind.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Greetings, fellow travellers.

Have you seen Oterisk's Guide to the DD?

Not knowing how you're progressing after lvl 6, but it should give you some hints what to do if investing further into DD. If you plan adding Sorc levels, look for a Sorc guide on these boards.


Liberty's Edge

I think what I'm going to do is take the Elemental Focus (Fire) feats because my dragon of choice, being gold, adds damage to fire spells. Other then that, probably just going to take Still Spell so I can cast some of my spells in full plate if I know I need to wear it for a particular fight.

Not to get all in your Kool aid, but have you considered going pal 4 for oath of vengeance so you can drop 2 lay on hands for extra smites. Sorcerous Bloodstrike is a good feat that let's you re-charge you bloodline abilities. The rest depends on what you're going to do. A couple of combat feats wouldn't hurt; power attack or dodge. For a more pally feel pick up a couple extra lay on hands if you go oath of veng.
Elemental focus fire isn't really gonna do much for a few levels and after that fire resistance gets really common.
Also are you sure you want to try to go blaster, the build looks more melee to me so buff spells would rock and in that case look at summoner.
just my two cents


Take the Orcish bloodline for your Eldritch Heritage feats, gaining Touch of Rage that can be faired with the Opportunistic Gambler trait to devastating effectiveness and Power of Giants late-game for some real melee domination.

The feat Dreadful Carnage would be a perfect choice for this character.

Definitely want the trait Magical Knack.

I built a Paladin 2/Cross-Blooded Sorcerer (Orcish & Draconic Bloodlines) 10/Dragon Disciple 8 with the intent of a ranged blaster who could really mix it up in melee when he wanted to. The Arcane Armor Training feats as well as Power Attack & Furious Focus were instrumental to his being able to wade into melee range and use some great damage spells. He was a lot of fun and served as both the group's blaster and secondary font-line guy... but he wasn't necessarily what I would consider fully optimized for any one role. I agonized over taking 2 levels of Paladin or 4 (to take advantage of Oath of Vengeance), but ultimately it just inhibited my spell-casting too much - you might think differently.

The character was a 25 point build and his final (unaugmented) attributes at 20th level were: STR-30, DEX-12, CON-16, INT-12, WIS-8, CHA-19 with +7 to his Natural Armor... and for up to 20 minutes a day can grow to Large size with Reach, STR-36, DEX-10, CON-20 and a +11 to his Natural Armor. That's before any equipment. His fire spells dealt +2 damage/die with other spells dealing +1 damage/die. I didn't take any metamagic feats.

If you're interested in any of the details of the build, just let me know.

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