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Virtual Tabletops?


Anyone had any experience with the various Virtual Tabletop programs and which ones work well with pathfinder ruleset?

Also is anyone looking for new players to their virtual tabletop game?


RPG Superstar 2014 Top 32

I'm currently looking at MapTools, since it's free and available to all platforms. There's a few Youtube videos of it in action.

Check out this link:

Maptools is wonderful freeware, and if you go to the above location in their forum, you'll find a framework, which is a collection of Maptool macros. The macros are awesome ... they take a lot of work out of running a game online.

It'll handle combat rolls, critical hits, damage dealt, etc. It'll do saving throws, combat states (and their effects on a creature's stats), and one of my favorite things: a built-in initiative window. You can select a bunch of tokens all at once, click the framework' Init. button, and everyone goes to the Init window in order by their roll.

Chances are very high that you're gonna love Maptools.

I personally love MapTool as it takes care of all of the DMing chores for me(to an extent). However, there are others that I own and have used.

* Runs on any system that runs JAVA.
* Multiple systems run on it. i.e. 3.5E, Pathfinder, 4E, 2E
* Nice UI.
* Handles spells/conditions with minimal fuss.
* Cannot manipulate to fit your homebrew rules. Designed ground up to be RAW(to an extent)
* At designers mercy for new features(although developers listen to customers and are reasonably fast at providing updates)

Fantasy Grounds(never played Pathfinder using it)
* Many systems run on it.
* Great UI.
* Easy to network
* Windows only
* No true FoW (or at least the version I used was DM had to remove)

* Very lite system. Great for a OneShot or pickup game.
* Developer is very intent on making a superb VTT.
* Works extremely well with Pathfinder.
* FoW is revealed by DM
* Windows only.

* Macro system which allows any player to extend the software.
* Pathfinder/3.5E Framework takes care of 90% of rules.
* Works anywhere JAVA does.
* FoW based on each individual avatars point of view.
* Easy to implement Darkness spells now with AddOn macros.
* Pulls Paizo formatted statblocks in to make a token. i.e. PDF/PC-Gen/HeroLab
* Steep learning curve if you plan to write your own macros.
* Some have hard time with network setup.

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