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Ranger Needs Favored Enemies and terrains

Rise of the Runelords

What do u guys reconmend for lvl 1-20?
Thanks :)

Sczarni RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

Black Lotus wrote:

What do u guys reconmend for lvl 1-20?

Thanks :)

Since you're asking this at all, I'm going to assume you don't mind a bit of spoilering. Here you go:

Goblins are what you'll want to take to start with.

Later on, good choices will be Undead, Giants, and Humans (for the classed NPC-types).

As for terrain, Underground is always a good choice for these sorts of dungeon-crawl-heavy games. Aside from that, good choices would be Forests and Mountains.

I hope this helps!

For the long haul my top three picks, in order, would be undead, giants and humans.

Although a hate-on for goblins would be useful early on, they very quickly disappear from the AP never to be seen again and so are something of a waste in the long term. The ones I listed above never seem to go out of style though.

For terrain, I'd go with underground, urban and mountains.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I actually think RotRL is one the best APs for rangers, given how the escalating threats in the campaign so closely fall into the favored enemy/terrain progression.

Here is what the player in my campaign has done with her ranger:

Favored Enemy/Terrains:

1st - Goblin +2 (being from Sandpoint, it made sense.)
3rd - Forest +2
5th - Undead +4, Goblin +2
8th - Underground +4, Forest +2
10th - Giant +4, Undead +4, Goblin +2
13th - Mountains +4, Underground +4, Forest +2

Currently, the group is in Janderhoff, tracking down information on a some leads at the beginning of chapter 6.

Going forward...:
I'm guessing that she will increase her bonus against giants to +6 at 15th, and she'll probably add evil outsiders as her new one as they have come up in the campaign (and since her character has a problem with the demon who killed her father and the devil that is currently partnered with her lover). As for terrains, Urban is also a good one in chapters 1 and 2, and useful in chapter 6.

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