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Errata for Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Silver Crusade

Dear folks,
there are a few errors in the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play that came out this year. They are the following:

Page 5, character creation, Oracle: bonus spell animal growth should be listed at 10th level, not 11th, as the successions go 4, 6, 8, x, 12, etc.

Page 6, describes a document called, "Character Traits Web Supplement," but the actual document is called, "Character Traits Web Enhancement."

Page 17, last paragraph: "to be able to continue to use it item," should be, "to use the item."

Page 21, fame score begins at 5 for 500gp. This, I'm guessing, should be 0-5 for 500gp, otherwise we'd never be able to buy anything in the beginning.

Page 24 where it reads, "module, the should receive," should read, "module, she should receive."

I'm not trying to be an jerk. Just trying to help you for your next updated version:)

Paizo Employee ** Developer

Moved to Pathfinder Society General Discussion

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

Erren Roberts wrote:
Page 21, fame score begins at 5 for 500gp. This, I'm guessing, should be 0-5 for 500gp, otherwise we'd never be able to buy anything in the beginning.

Actually, this is NOT an error.

At character creation, and until you get to 5+ Fame, you can buy anything on the Always Available list of items on Page 19:
Basic armor, gear, items & weapons from the Core rulebook, along with all mundane (non-magical) weapons, armor, equipment and alchemical gear found as approved in the Additional Resources list.
All special materials from the Core rulebook except Dragonhide.
+1 weapons, armor & shields (and masterwork, as well, obviously)
Potions & oils of 0 and 1st level spells (that are legal to be made into such items), all at CL1
Scrolls of 0 & 1st level spells, again at CL1
Wayfinder (basic only, 50% discount)

That list of items will usually be more than sufficient (especially adding in the items on the first few Chronicles, and the 2 PP purchase of 1st level wands) to hold a PC through the 3-5 scenarios necessary to get enough Fame to start getting the access level raised.

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