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Feldgrau and the Mosswater Marauder (Spoilers for HoH and BM)

Carrion Crown


In reading through Broken Moon in preparation for GMing it, it's struck me that there's a certain similarity between what the Whispering Way is doing in Feldgrau and what the Mosswater Marauder from Haunting of Harrowstone was trying to do with his wife's skull.

So I'd like to connect them in some way. Does anyone have any ideas for how I might do that? My players killed the Marauder's ghost in Harrowstone, so maybe I shouldn't just bring him back, but I'd like to at least bring in a reference to him...

Sovereign Court

I would reward a PC if they kept the Maurauders hammer this long. I would have the hammer either grant the Cleave or Vital Strike feats while it is being used in any fight against skeletal undead in Feldgrau.

--Vrock crusher


Clever idea, but they sold all that stuff off long ago.

Hmm...maybe someone from the Whispering Way happened to *buy* it, though? That could be an interesting twist...

Sovereign Court

Well guess they're SOL! I've told my players that Haunts are going to pop up throughout the AP and they still have a Haunt siphon and a few other interesting Haunt related wondrous items just in case.


Just a bit late to the conversation, but I was thinking this myself. Especially since I've reskinned the Harrowstone dungeons a bit...every skeleton down there is now missing a skull, and the office walls are covered in shelves of them, or shelves of pieces of them, at any rate. Several appear to have been broken down and reconstructed, as practice, like studies in anatomy. It's all he's been doing down there for, what is it, two decades?

I've thought of maybe returning to Ravengro, either through teleportation or just a long detour. It might offer the sense of familiarity for the country, rather than a one-way-trip as happens in Jade Regent. Alternatively, the Way might have returned there without the PCs knowing, and whatever happened there might have embroiled some other familiar townsfolk (Whatever happened to Kendra, anyhow?) who are now actively seeking the PCs, as they're the only ones they think can trust.

Or perhaps the Crooked Kin had passed through Ravengro at some point after the PCs, or they meet with a merchant who has, and since the place is unhaunted now, some brave looter scoured the grounds for curiosities. While improbable, this could be supported by a sort of 'twist of Fate' mechanic, what with Pharasma playing such a role in this campaign.



I like that idea of going back to Ravengro at some point. It could be a really uncanny little twist!

I'm thinking I may tie the Marauder's hammer into the special plans I have for Adivion and Kendra...

I'm going to have them actually be allies and joint final villains. And Adivion is going to be a double agent that the Esoteric Order has planted in the Whispering Way. Except he's actually a triple agent, since he's really working for himself and Kendra's plan. And *she's* the heir to the Tyrant...

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