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Flurry of Blows multiclass feats or options


So I'm looking to make a Magus/Monk multiclass character. While I'm starting off at low level (Magus 1/Monk 2), I'm wondering if I could increase my flurry of blows attacks without taking more levels in Monk. If I need to take a feat per additional attack (just like Imp two weapon fighting and Greater two weapon fighting) I'd be willing to do that. Are there such options?
Would it be all that unbalanced to make those feats if there aren't?

This is something I am torn on. I am not personally aware of anything like this, that treats your monk level higher for Flurry progression. Something in the back of my mind is telling me there is something for higher unarmed damage, but I can't remember that specifically.

That being said, there is a precedent for these things - nothing specific off the top of my head, but I am pretty sure there are items that increase your effective fighter level for purposes of weapon/armor training. I could be wrong, but I feel like there is.

There were also the Practiced Spellcaster feat from 3.5e - made your effective caster level increase by four, up to hit die. I believe that's been changed into a trait now.

I like the idea of having lots of options for multiclassing, because the fact is, there are a lot of concepts that need support like that to be viable.

The problem arises is that most cheese comes from multiclassing. Most of the people looking to break the game with dumb synergy from random sources first look at what classes are the best to do with that and take tons of dips to get to that.

I want these kind of options, because my group (and probably most serious ones) doesn't have people who do that stuff, but I understand the rational of heading off any broken combinations.

It could have some cheese factor to it, yes. In this case, I'm not looking to increase the bab bonus or anything like that, just the number of bonus attacks.
The biggest issue I could see so far is that it does kinda lend another class a full ability from monk, on the other hand you take monk levels and then spend feat slots on getting that full ability that you would not have to otherwise with a full monk.
Next, theres the fact that you have improved economy with the weapon you choose (I'm looking for a onehanded weapon rather than unarmed) since you dont have to spend gold on that additional weapon... but I think this would be a more minor factor (additional weapons also give you the option for more enchantments like defending).
Plus, I wouldn't be using a weapon in my offhand anyway as a magus.

There are some issues that are currently being resolved by the devs on Flurry of Blows. I would at least wait until they are settled.

I don't think what you're saying is broken. However, I understand why that's not readily available in the game.

Isn't flurry just two weapon fighting with unarmed strikes? I think it says something to that effect in the description, except you use your monk level instead of bab when flurrying. And use ki points to get more attacks. WHo gets more attacks at 20, a monk 20 or a TWF... or multiattacker? Would multi attack or twf be better to emulate flurry, and how can you get multiattack as a player, not a monster.

There is that feat with prereq weapon focus (natural attack) that lets you flurry with that nat weapon, and i think that nat weapon can proc any of the UC IUAS feats, like use a lay on hands w/ UAS, style feats, etc.


Look into seeing if going Unarmed Fighter archetype would work better for you then monk. Not sure that it will but it does confer the unarmed strike feat and lest you choose a style feat that could synergize well with a Magus?

I only suggest that because I don't think there is a way to increase your FoB's yet - I know there were some 3.5 feats that did it... If those are allowed you could check them out.

I'm actually looking to use a weapon with the monk descriptor instead of unarmed strike. There are several weapons I've been looking at. My unarmed damage is useful from a situational standpoint but not what I'm looking for in the concept.
But yeah there is monastic legacy (I think thats what its called) which treats half your nonmonk levels as more monk levels for purposes of unarmed damage. It would be easier to do that, fewer attacks but more damage to make up for that.
I'm wanting this for mostly style effect. I was strongly tempted to go with a staff magus for the awesome factor but decided to wait on whether I would do that or if I wanted another weapon type. So far I'm thinking nine-section whip but that seemed the more minor conflict about the concept I was going for.

I would imagine that the temple sword would be just fine. The only issue that I could see is stacking spell combat with flurry. Flurry is a "full attack action", while spell combat is a "full round action" that lets you cast and make all of your attacks WITH YOUR WEAPON. Personally, I would interpret both of those as "when making a full attack", and thus both would be applicable, but def. check with your GM.

As a side note, would you be going with a kensai magus, as I presume that you will be unarmored? Also, why 2 levels of monk? I mean, there are several potential reasons, but which one(s) are you going with?

The issue with flurry/TWF is that they are the same...but different. Flurry is TWF with restrictions (no natural attacks, only monk weapons, doesn't actually give you the TWF feats, etc.) the best course of action might just be to get actual TWF, and improved, etc. Unarmed fighter gives lots of options, or human, or a toothy half-orc for a staggeringly large number of attacks.

The feat that lets you use natural attacks is Feral Combat Training. However, it doesn't let you get a natural attack in addition to flurry, it just lets you make flurry attacks with a natural weapon.

Flurrying and Spell Combat do not work, and it's the intention that they do not work.

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