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NeoExodus Adventure: Origin of Man for Pathfinder RPG is officially live on Kickstarter!

Product Discussion

Go here to learn more about this project and supporting it to success!

Less than 12 hours in to this project and we have already reached 12% of our goal. That's what I call a good start!

Joined because the idea has potential.

$30 Retailer Special Reward for NeoExodus Adventure: Origin of Man for Pathfinder RPG

For all you that have local game stores that might be interested in carrying exclusive NeoExodus product, tell them about our $30 Retailer Special Reward!

For $30, five copies of the softcover book ($6 each, includes US shipping) will be sent to retailer locations without access to the design boards, playtest, and discussion. And if they need more copies for their stores they can add additional multiples copies of this reward, just add $6 for each additional book. All donation at this level will be confirmed before product is shipped. If the retailer store is outside North America, have them contact us first before contributing at this level.

Thanks for helping this project become a success! Click here to support us!

Less than 2 days in and we have already reached 38% of our goal. Looks like we are going to have some great additional threshold goals to this project! Click here to support NeoExodus Adventure: Origin of Man for Pathfinder RPG kickstarter Project!

Now with 3 days in and we have reached over 60% of our goal. Come and see what all the excitement is all about. Click here to support NeoExodus Adventure: Origin of Man for Pathfinder RPG kickstarter Project!

As you can tell by our numbers for our kickstarter we are right there just a little bit away from a true success. So if you have been thinking about supporting us, don’t wait and send us a donation NOW! We have to make sure we raise our original amount before we can think about all the amazing add-ons we would like to this project. So go and donate now to NeoExodus Adventure: Origin of Man for Pathfinder RPG and make sure we are a success!

Now at 73%! We are almost there!

Now at 75% of the way and we might have a VERY WELL KNOWN artist exclusively working on this project. Can you guess who it might be? Only time will tell...

As this project nearly reaches its 100% funding, we add the first of many great threshold goals. If we raise $1,000 for this project, we will add RPG Artist Superstar, Hugo “Butterfrog” Solis as the exclusive artist for this project! Hugo's work as been found in such great Third Party Publishers of Pathfinder as Kobold Quarterly, Open Design, Legendary Games, Rite Publishing and up and coming publishers like Infinite X Studios and many more. LPJ Design has always wanted to work with Hugo and this was a dream come getting him onboard with this project. So if you are a fan of Hugo Solis’ artwork, now is a change to see him work his artistic magic in the setting of NeoExodus. Help us bring the best Pathfinder supported material on the market with one of the top artists in the field today. Donate to NeoExodus Adventure: Origin of Man for Pathfinder RPG here!

33 Days left on Origin of Man NeoExodus: A House Divided Adventure Kickstarter Pathfinder RPG by Paizo. We just need $125 to reach our goal. Donate or spread the word to help us meet our goal.

Only $100 away from success!!! So this is it! We are in the home stretch and it is looking very good. So let's do all we can to make sure this project is successful funded and we reach our larger threshold goal. We could not do this with out you! So make sure you tell everyone you know that this Pathfinder based project!

Looks like another success story for LPJ Design with this Kickstarter project reaching 100 percent with Four more weeks to go. Thanks to every one that supported us to reach this goal. Now we have to wonder how high this project could go and what additional threshold goals we can create. Thanks again for all the support.

Congrats, LPJr! Now let's hit the 1k for Hugo Solis!

Endzeitgeist wrote:
Congrats, LPJr! Now let's hit the 1k for Hugo Solis!

That is what we are aiming for. I mean who doesn't need more Hugo Solis artwork in their life?

Here is an interview podcast that I did for GeekSourcing about our current Kickstarter project, NeoExodus Adventure: Origin of Man for Pathfinder RPG. It's a nice little "look behind the curtain" of what we did to make our Kickstarter projects successful. Enjoy!

If you want to see Hugo Solis exclusive artwork in this kickstarter project, then you have to donate. There is only a little time left. Don't miss out on this great opportunity!!!

We just added a NEW $250 special reward for this project: Get all of LPJ Design’s NeoExodus PDF Pathfinder products for free and all NeoExodus PDF products free for life. We are limiting this special reward to only 10 people only. So if you are a LPJ Design or NeoExodus fan get this reward and save money on NeoExodus products for the rest of your life. Enjoy and thank for the support. Please help and make your donation here!

This is it!!! We are down to the wire! Only FIVE days left to submit to this project. DOn't miss out on a great gaming opportunity! Please help and make your donation here!

We'd need only two people who want NE-products free for life to get Hugo Solis-illustrations - here's to hoping...

Time is ticking down! You have less than 60 hours to help us reach our threshold. Please help and make your donation here!

Under 30 hours left!!! Please help and make your donation here!

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