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Escape from Old Korvosa

Curse of the Crimson Throne

Grand Lodge

Holey-Granoley! I must simultaneously applaud, and curse you, Mr. Pett! We just survived Escape from Old Korvosa. After nearly being killed numerous times, needing a natural 20 to hit numerous opponents (being a melee fighter), being made insane from a specific symbol, and subsequently pummeled by myself, we finally made it through and away from Korvosa.

Thank you and Curse you, Mr. Pett! :)

Just you wait until Book 5...

Escape from Old Korvosa gets very high on my ranking when talking about Curse of Crimson Throne. Especially before Arkona manor, it's pure gold with red mantis assasins, Laori and Blood Pig. Mr. Pett is (evil?) genius and I'm afraid of what he plans for Wormwood Mutiny adventure of Skull and Shackles path..


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Well this all sounds perfectly reasonable; a taste of madness, a sprinkling of terrible combat and some self-inflicted injury, another typical Paizo AP segment, huzzah!

Holey-Granoley is a phrase I must use more often Aeshuura, marvellous.

Book 5 is nasty though...

Grand Lodge

Well, I don't look forward to continually getting my butt kicked by the adventure, but I am confident that we will overcome... we may lose a few along the way, but I hope we can pull it off!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Pawns Subscriber

Well, it's interesting how much party make-up can affect your experience: We had a warlord (+2 to attacks/damage), a performing bard (+2 to attacks/damage) and the occasional Good Hope (+2 to attacks/damage) for extra-nasty critters. Plus the usual "little bits" like Bless.

So with +6/+6 attacks and damage, we were hitting in the high teens; I hadn't even thought about how nasty it would have been without all those bonuses until now.

Congrats! And I look forward to your howl of anguish at Book 5...

Grand Lodge

Our group is an Alchemist, Kensai (magus), Cavalier (Order of the Cockatrice), Gunslinger, Ninja, and Brawler/Martial Artist (me).

The worst part was that the Kensai did not have Dispel Magic, and the Alchemist had to hit an AC 34 or something to use his dispelling bomb (which would only hit on a natty-20).

I cannot blame anyone on our party make-up though, because the Kensai's player is a first time spellcaster. So being distracted by doing damage is a common rookie spellcaster mistake.

Hopefully he has learned, but we will see.

Anyway, that whole end was crazy! We made it, even though the cavalier lost an arm in the vivefied labyrinth.

A bard would have been nice... but the only one consistently hitting was the gunslinger, and once he understood the power of Deadly Aim, he was much more effective...

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I could be wrong, but don't the alchemist bombs only need to hit a Touch AC?

I haven't used the dispelling bombs but I'm pretty sure they hit the same as a regular one....

Yup, it's a splash weapon, which makes touch attacks. However, that requires the assumption the Alchemist took dispelling bomb as a discovery.

Grand Lodge

Huh, I do believe that we have been doing it wrong! >.<

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Legends Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Glad we could help another PC drive their GM crazy with bombs.

I do have to say my gnome alchemist pyromaniac is one of my favorite characters to play....

Yeah, at our table, how alchemist bombs work wasn't obvious for the first couple sessions. Being touch attacks is very nice, plus the discovery "Precise Bombs" makes it so much easier to use them in combat. Ours is currently the big hitter in the party.

Grand Lodge

Now the (Gnomish) Alchemist and the Gunslinger will be the heaviest hitters. :)

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