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Eidolons and ongoing afflictions

Rules Questions

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My eidolon stumbled into some rot grubs and got banged up pretty badly with constitution loss as a result. Our party, not knowing what they were, didn't know how to appropriately remove them and I was forced to dismiss my eidolon before he died.

The GM has since ruled that the rot grubs went with him and that I will have to continue dealing with the problem once I re-summon him, though the affliction is stalled until I bring the "aspect" back to "reality."

This brought up a few questions that I had. The GM has ruled on some already, but I wanted to get outside opinions, and possibly official rulings.

If the eidolon DIES while suffering from an affliction (such as a curse, disease, or poison), does it still have that affliction when it returns to life at half hit points the following day?

Infestations involve parasites, living creatures. If dismissed, do the parasites go with him? Does he continue to suffer from their afflictions while he is "elsewhere" or is it more like a state of non-existence? This question could easily apply to other ongoing afflictions such as poisons, diseases, or curses. If I dismiss a poisoned eidolon, and he dies from Constitution damage on his home plane, is he really and truly dead? Is my summoner out a primary class ability (and related abilities) forever? Or are such conditions somehow halted while the eidolon is away?

Similarly, what happens to a victim of an eidolon's swallow whole ability when he is dismissed? He's a distinctly separate creature, and should be left behind, right? If so, shouldn't infestations like rot grubs be left behind as they are undoubtedly living creatures too?

I checked the books and the FAQs and I cannot find any answers.

The eidolon is supposed to be treated like a summoned creature, and if swallow whole can't allow it to take people away then the rot grubs should be left behind also.

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