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New Zodiac Themed Traits

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Zodiac traits. Pick a Zodiac sign you character is born under. You can pick only the Boon unseeing one of your 2 traits or you can choose to take the bane as well and Use none of your traits. Either way Only one Zodiac trait can be taken.

I wanted to make more fantasy based zodiac traits as well. I.e. One not specifically tied to an earthly based zodiac. Maybe a Sign for each class (The warrior, The Bard, The Oracle.) Or maybe Signs for monster Types (The Dragon the Specter, the Tarrasque).

I would appropriate any feedback to make each of the signs as different from one another as possible. I know there are some overlapping abilities, Im not astrology expert and would love some feedback and ideas for the signs below or if you have an idea for a totaly new fantasy zodiac sign than i would love to see it here :) anyway here are the signs.

Boon: +1 to saves vs fear effects and +1 to the dc of intimidate checks against you.

Bane: You suffer a -1 to saves vs compulsions.

Boon: +1 Skill point Cancers are adaptive.

Bane: -2 Trait penalty on sense motive checks, Cancers are self absorbed and often find it hard to read others.

Boon: +1 Trait bonus on a save. (Chosen at character creation) Capricorns are resourceful

Bane: Capricorns Lack imagination so suffer a -2 on preform checks.

Boon: +1 to saves vs compulsions because of their stubborn nature.

Bane: -2 to diplomacy checks Taurus are loathe to concede defeat and often do-not compromise.

Boon: +1 Trait bonus on Diplomacy. Diplomacy is always a class skill. Libra are very diplomatic.

Bane: -1 trait penalty on initiative. Due to the indecisive nature of the Libra.

Boon: Other gain an additional +1 bonus when A Leo with this trait use aid another on them.

Bane: Being a bit vain and domineering Leo do not take direction from others well. Reduce all bonuses from someone aiding another by one. Reduce the duration any moral bonuses from a source other than the Leo himself by 50%

Boon: +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Scorpio are very Manipulative.

Bane: -2 to diplomacy checks, Scorpio are suspicious by nature and tend to not trust making diplomatic relations somewhat problematic.

Boon: Aquarius are very creative. They gain a +1 trait bonus to any one craft skill. that craft skill is always a class skill for the Aquarius.

Bane: A negative side affect of their imaginative creativity. The Aquarius are more prone to flights of fancy and suffer a -1 penalty on saves vs figments.

Boon: Gemini are energetic clever and witty. as such they are able to react more efficiently and enjoy a +1 trait bonus to initiative.

Bane: Gemini are superficial impulsive and restless and suffer a -1 on saves vs compulsions.

Boon: Virgo are skeptical and enjoy a +1 trait bonus to sense motive checks, Sense motive is always a class skill to a Virgo.

Bane: A Virgo has a very inflexible nature, Diplomacy is alien to them they suffer a -2 penalty to diplomacy checks.

Boon: Sagittarius are unemotional seekers of knowledge. Pick one knowledge skill. The Sagittarius gets a +1 trait bonus to that skill, that skill is always a class skill for the Sagittarius.
Bane: A Sagittarius's far sightedness often affects their ability to perceive localized things. -2 to perception checks.

Boon: Pisces are devoted individuals and enjoy a +1 trait bonus against compulsions.
Bane: However being indecisive escapist they don't always react quickly and suffer a -1 penalty to initiative checks.

Ophiuchus (Not sure if i should count this one cause it may be made up)
Boon: Ophiuchus are naturally intuitive healers enjoying a +1 trait bonus on heal checks, heal is always a class skill to an Ophiuchus.
Bane: Ophiuchus are emotional and distant they suffer a -2 penalty to Diplomacy checks.

I like these and will put them into my houserules.

Distant Worlds lists the Golarian zodiac if you want to use that. (I won't, I find it to be a little flavorless and I don't want to memorize a new list of trivia or ask my players to.)

I would suggest rolling a d12 (for the first 12) to determine your zodiac since nobody actually gets to choose their birthday. Also some of these are clearly better choices than others (Capricorn in paticular). Ophiuchus has a good balance and I would let people choose that instead of rolling.

I wish I had this idea myself.

Looks great, I will definitely add this to me Zodiac RPG.

any ideas to no have overlapping abilities or penalties? or maybe a suggestions on making some more balanced.

The Dragon Empires Gazetteer also lists its own Zodiac, if you want to peruse that for ideas.

For balance, just make sure that there is an existing trait that gives roughly the same bonus, as this is what they seem to be based on.

Yeah im going for that but i want each of them to be different eanough from one another to have verry little overlap on bonuses and penalties.

The Exchange

Is the boon for Cancer 1 skill point per level?

FYI, there's a 3.5 PDF called "Fantasy Occupations & Signs" that has similar stuff.

No Cancer gets one static skill point.

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