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Mutants and Masterminds 2e Freedom City


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The list looks huge because of the structure I used. I like to have everything laid out in detail, so it takes three lines for a single power in some cases. In all, there are only seven active abilities and a couple are variations on the same idea with different areas and ranges.

maybe but still intimidating for me anyway :p I remember when I first saw it I thought, "is there anything this character can't do?" hehe.

Can't really do much against mindless targets like robots and stuff or people with good will saves.

that you mention what you char can't do rather then what it can says it all :P just teasing Umbral, pasing time while waiting for the tomcat.

BTW Are you also Umbral Reaver on the atomic think tank? just checked int ehre briefly after umm I think it would be years now and noticed some posts by said name :)

That's me. I'm the only Umbral Reaver that I know of.

Hmm. It looks like I made an error with my teleport. I thought the teleport mass scaled up with rank, but it doesn't. I'll have to take some options off to make some room for that.

Sorry to hear it :)

I do wonder what happened to tomcatmemow.

Yeah did you see there was a MnM 3e recruitment? I was just wondering if that went the same way. I hope though that the tomcat finds it's way back soonish.

That 3E would be mine :)

I wanted to play, but thought should try giving back and being GM for a change :) so far, I've only had one interested person, so definitely have room if care to join. :)

I don't have the rules for 3e, nor do I have the Hero Lab license for it. Sorry, I can't join that one.

if you would like, I can work with you from a 2e stats concept? I have no problem with converting things for you....

Thanks for the offer. Don't worry. It would probably be too much trouble. I have no idea how 3e works and don't have the books or pdfs. I'd be running blind.

Sorry to hear it Umbral, but with a bit of luck this game will take off still... though Tomcat seems rather... gone.

Umbral, if it would make a difference the guts of 3E are available on d20 Hero SRD . As most of the game is OGL, this makes for a great resource.


Scarab Sages

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agreed Umbral

It has now been two weeks since tomcatmemow last logged in.

A shame really, it looked like it would be a good game :(

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