Can my character "touch" himself?


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Now that I've got your attention, I actually have a serious question that's probably outrageously simple to answer, but I am new to Pathfinder.

I'm playing a low-level Barbarian. If I take a level dip into Cleric with the Community Domain can I use Calming Touch to remove fatigue on myself or can it only be used to aid non-self characters?

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You count as your own ally. Touch away.

I would certainly say so. Just like with using touch spells (cure light wounds comes to mind), you can automatically target yourself, or any willing ally.

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I think you're only allowed to touch yourself if you took the Community (Shame) subdomain.

That was just too perfect a straight line. :)

Seriously, I concur that this plan to remove fatigue from yourself will work.


*Cited example, Lay on hands*

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OK, thanks. I assumed that was the case.

We have a cleric in the group, but he tends to forget that he's a cleric and just wants to play stabby-stab with his little 1d4 weapons and I'm not sure what his domains are, so I'd like to have the self-sufficiency option to remove my own fatigue after raging.

I'll report back and let everyone know if it really makes you go blind if you do it too much.

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