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PbP gameplay thread not showing updates in RSS or campaign tracker?

Website Feedback

So, this is a weird one. I thought maybe it was just me or just RSS, but now it's up to at least an odd coincidence, if not yet a pattern.

I use FeedDemon Lite to track quite a few campaigns for the pleasure of reading them. I'm only in three active ones, and yet one of them has a bug: the Gameplay and Discussion threads only show updates in RSS if I delete the feed and re-add it. I just check those bookmarks on a regular basis.

So now, a new player reports a similar problem with new posts in that particular Gameplay thread not showing up on his Campaigns tab. It would make sense if the two were related; I mean, I wouldn't bother writing more than one function for "how many posts in that thread have timestamps more recent than X".

I understand that one little PbP campaign's updates are not going to be a terribly high priority, but I figured that I'd at least get it on the list. :)

Its not just limited to that campaign, I also didn't have several posts show up in a seperate game- though new posts appear to be showing up now.

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

The RSS feeds are supposed to be completely up to date. Sometimes the service that creates them gets bogged down with other requests, though. (For example, when the site is experiencing higher than normal traffic, that service may get scaled back or occasionally turned off completely.)

It's possible there's another bug in there, too. I have been planning on revisiting the RSS code at some point anyway, if only to move the feeds from our old style URLs to the new format introduced recently.

Thank you for your reply. I would make a new thread for my current issue, but that's one of the things that I can't do. I can read threads and I can post replies; but I can't edit a post, delete a post, or start a new thread. The Firefox tab says "Connecting..." while it says "Read" in the bottom left, and the green circle just chases its tail endlessly.

Never mind, it's working now.

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