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Damage of a magically-running, hand-held mining drill?

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

I'm creating an NPC for my campaign that closely resembles the Tunnel Rhino boss from MegaMan X3 ( =299s). The NPC is at heart a modified Delver (minus acid, plus drills), but I'm having a hard time deciding how much damage the drills should do. He is Large, has one drill on each wrist, and a drill for a horn.

Additionally, the hand-drills will detach into the first player that they hit to deal 1 Con bleed for 5 rounds (standard action and DC 20 Strength to pull it out ahead of time). This is similar in flavor to the Fleshgrinding weapon enhancement from 3.5's MIC. The drills fall out powerless once removed.

Once the drills are in, he'll be slamming for 2d6 + 9 (like the Delver, but no acid, and plus a horn drill) until he regenerates new ones in 5 rounds. Should I just use the same base damage for the drills (but piercing damage), or should I use a different value with a different crit modifier?

Same as normal, only it happens automatically.

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