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Buying Kingmaker in Sweden?

Paizo General Discussion


I usually play in homebrew games (only run half the RotRL AP, ever), but I feel kinda drawn to the Kingmaker AP. I've been able to glean a bit from a comrades PDF version, but if I'm to run it, I want it in my hand.

The issue is that it seems to be hard to find in Swedish stores, both physical and web shops seem to lack at least Stolen Lands.

Just asking for tips, if anyone knows where to buy it in Sweden. I'd rather not import it manually due to large shipping costs, lack of paypal or the like, and so on.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber

I live in norway, and I buy directly from this site. I wouldn't say the shipping cost is large. And you don't need paypal, just a card like visa or mastercard.

I live in Sweden and subscribe, and I don't feel like the shipping cost is a burden. As Morain said you don't have to have a PayPal account to shop on this site, and one way to avoid shipping costs is to purchase the PDFs instead.

A couple years ago there were a chain of gaming stores called Spelbutikerna that where carrying Pathfinder, but unfortunately they seem to have been taken over by a video game chain, much like Tradition. If you're lucky you could perhaps find a small store in a larger city that's carrying Pathfinder, but I'm not aware of any here in Malmö since Spel på Djäknegatan became a video game store.

The Science Fiction Bokhandeln in Göteborg carry pathfinder and I buy most of my stuff there, they just don't have AP's.

Well, I'll have to order from this site then. Can't use PDF's very well since then I have to have a computer at the gaming table and that can sometimes be distracting.

The Danish gamings store Fantask carries all the AP's. Ordering from them might be an option, or you can stop by personally, if you are ever in Copenhagen. That said, I have rarely encountered problems having things shipped directly from Paizo, as long as it is only one or two books at a time. Ordering more, or more bulky items such as minis, increases the chance of your package getting snatched up for a customs check.

stringburka wrote:

The Science Fiction Bokhandeln in Göteborg carry pathfinder and I buy most of my stuff there, they just don't have AP's.

Well, I'll have to order from this site then. Can't use PDF's very well since then I have to have a computer at the gaming table and that can sometimes be distracting.

You could always ask them to order Kingmaker AP for you. The worst that can happen is that they say no, in which case you can order from here.

Paizo Employee Community Manager

Moved thread.
Here's our list of European distributors, try seeing if your store can order from one of them. That being said, "Stolen Land" is on the Endangered list, with less than 500 copies in the warehouse as of February 3rd. You might want to grab it soon!

President, Jon Brazer Enterprises

I should add that the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player's Reference for Kingdom Building (published by Jon Brazer Enterprises, my company) is also available from most (if not all) European distributors. I know people in Germany and Finland that have purchased it from their local game store.

The book is an excellent resource for a Kingmaker games. It contains all the Exploration, Kingdom Building, and Mass Combat rules collected into one tome and expanded upon. Its totally safe and spoiler free for players and an invaluable resource for Game Masters. Be sure to read the many 5-Star reviews of the book.

Pathfinder Modules Subscriber has chapter 3-6 in stock.


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