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Swordsage conversion?

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

Well, my group is gonna switch to Pathfinder just for a change of pace as our 4e campaign just ended. Not sure how long it will last, as we're talking about doing a Savage worlds game already. However, the GM has allowed me to convert the Swordsage to Pathfinder. Just wondering how to go about doing this. The skills seem relatively simple, but is there anything else that needs to be changed?

I did a google search for it and didn't find anything interesting. One was basically just a monk with quick to act and light armor. The other was a wall of text that I didn't bother with.

Anyone? Basically, my character concept is to emulate Ezio or Altair. Possibly more towards Ezio as the charmer. If this can be done within PF, that would be fine. I just saw the Swordsage as fitting the bill almost perfectly.

I would just live it as is. If the martial study skill is used I would add that one in.

All you probably need to do is change the references to the concentration skill to something else. If you're using psionics, I'd recomend using the autohypnosis skill instead.

Good point Mort. I changed the concentration skill to the Martial Study skill for PF, and used that for the maneuvers that need it.

Heh, well, doing this a different way. We're creating a hybrid class out of the Urban Ranger and Rooftop Runner rogue (none of us really like multiclassing). Not really a gestalt, per se. Giving up some ranger aspects for the rogue stuff to make one class.

Oddly enough I was looking at doing a similar thing for a completely different reason. That sounds nothing at all like my idea of a swordsage, but if it fits the concept, great.

What are you adding from the rogue, aside from roof runner stuff? Sneak attack? Bluff?

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