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Anyone out there using the Ultimate Combat vehicle rules?

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

I'd like to use them but I'm not sure how sound they are. Looking over some of the vehicles, there seems to be some oddities in the stats, so I have worries there too. So, anyone actually using these, and if so, how well do they play?

If you're not using them (and you've read this far), why not?

Should I take it from the underwhelming response that the vehicle rules don't get any love?

I'm bothered by the lack of overland travel speeds on the vehicle combat rules, until that is amended I'm not sure what to make of the rules. I have made some plans for some wagons of various sizes being purchased later in the game I am playing but nothing solid right now.

I wasn't even looking at travel speeds. I was looking at the ships for combat. I'm left wondering if the new pirate-based AP is going to have new rules in it for running ship-to-ship combat or if it's going to try and use the system from UC.

I'm considering introducing a steam-powered 'tank' for one of my campaigns, as a much-contested relic of the Advanced Ancient(tm) gnomish civilization. Using said rules.

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