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Creating Potions?

Rules Questions

Hey guys,

So I want to make some pots, but I'm not quite sure that I know how to do it. It's more like purchasing them, but having essentially a level 20 "X class required to make X potion" doing the crafting.

I want some named bullet potions, but I want them at a fairly decent level (to actually beat SR for 16th level).

So is it, 3 (spell level) x 20 x 50 gp = 3000 for a 3rd level Named Bullet potion?

Seriously not following how this works, lol. I need to beat SR with these pots, so how do I go about calculating that?

Spell level x caster level x 25 to make. Max spell level is 3. So, 1500 to make a 3rd level caster 20 potion.

EDIT: I was wrong, fixed the post.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

High level potions are really only useful if there is a alchemist around.

Rocky Williams 530 wrote:
Spell level x caster level x 50. Max spell level is 50. So, a 3rd level spell at caster level 20 would be 3000 gp, as you figured out.

You may have just typod but spells only go up to 9th lv, not 50th.

Some Random Dood wrote:
Rocky Williams 530 wrote:
Spell level x caster level x 50. Max spell level is 50. So, a 3rd level spell at caster level 20 would be 3000 gp, as you figured out.
You may have just typod but spells only go up to 9th lv, not 50th.

lol Yeah, dang it, thought I changed it fast enough. I also messed up on the formula too. It's x 50 to purchase, but x 25 to create.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Alchemical allocation is what make high level potions worth it.

So, I might not worry about named bullet potions, but I might invest into some Heroism potions (simply cause they make things easier).

The formula on the Potions SRD page states: level of the spell × the creator's caster level × 50 gp.

So 3 x 20 x 50 would give me a total of 3000, however, Heroism is a 3rd level wizard spell so a 3rd level wizard could craft the potion for 750gp (same effects duration of 30 minutes). If I wanted a level 20 to make it (for a duration of 200 minutes [10min/level]) it would cost 3k?

Am I bound to buying potions at their lowest possible level? Do I still need an alchemist to make this stuff work?

I've purchased all my equipment for this level and have 25k left over, so potions that make my life easier seemed like the way to go.

Potions can be made at higher caster level than the minimum. Their cost will be higher by the formula. A CL1 CLW potion (d8+1 heal) costs 50g. A CL3 CLW potion (d8+3) would cost 150g.

However, it is completely up to the GM is higher level potions (or wands or whatever) are available in their campaigns. Most players who want to use higher CL wands or potions craft their own.

My GM will allow higher caster level items on a case-by-case basis.

EDIT: In some cases if you are going to go down the custom item path anyway, you might get more value from a custom crafted wondrous item.

Dark Archive

If you're not an alchemist there really is no reason to get high level potions (unless you absolutely need high level magic fang or barkskin).
It's generally MUCH cheaper and more efficient to buy multiple copies of the same potion at min caster level then it is to buy 1 potion at max level.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Hmm... I've seen quite a number of higher level versions of potions (or oils) of greater magic weapon and shield of faith floating around in several adventures...

Greater magic weapon etc it makes sense because higher caster level does not only increase the duration but also the effect. At first it's a +1 then for every 4 more CL its another +1.

If all that is modified is the duration, like with heroism, then its usually better to buy them cheap. Why?

50 min heroism (CL 5 minimum) - 750 gp
200 min heroism (CL 20) - 3000 gp

As you notice 4 times the duration for 4 times the price. Seems fair, right? Yes but perhaps not smart. Would you really gulp down 4 potions in those 200 minutes? Or would you drink 1 and then maybe not another one for the rest of the day because there's no fight anymore?

Once we get into the area of 1 hour/level spells it can make sense agian, so that you use 1 potion and are set for the entire day. But even then using multiple lower levels whenever useful is probably best.

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