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What Area would You Like to See Developed?

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Currently I have four area I would like to see more development on - in this order.

1. The Solar System - Distant Worlds was a taste that has left me hungry or maybe starving for me. I have had a hit of crack and I am searching for the next high...

2. Vudra

3. Sunken Azlanti

4. Dragon Kingdoms.

I know this is not how things go but I would buy a hardcover on all of these areas in a heartbeat. But then I would just like more Golarion hardcovers.

Well the things I want to see expanded most are the Dragons Kingdoms and then the sunken Azlanti, both of these are really interesting :)

Sovereign Court

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#1. Casmaron. We are missing a large chunk of the world.

The Exchange

#1 Casmaron. C'mon, you know you want it.

Genies, the Pit of Gormuz, the Windswept Wastes, the Padishah Emperor and the gleaming cities of Kelesh. Flying carpets, the palm trees of the Everlight Oasis, and the entire Golden Path, from Qadira to Vudra!

Scarab Sages

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That would be my number 5...

1# Keleshite empire.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

In no order. Numeria, Mana Wastes, Nex, Geb,The Worldwound.

Silver Crusade

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Dehrukani - African flavor, heavy azata influence, and high fantasy through the roof.

Jalmeray/Vudra - Because of all the reasons listed in the Vudra thread.

Holomog - Dinorider amazons vs dinorider lizardfolk!

Osirion - Ancient Egypt-flavored culture just waiting to be fleshed out further. Really want more on how the Osiriani live. Really want an Osirion AP beyond pyramid crawls.

Numeria - Because barbarians vs robots and alien shipwrecks

Nidal - Because scarydarkbad. Also, because exploring the people that actually live there can lead to all sorts of fun cultural and values clashes that could be fun to explore.

Nantambu - Because this is an awesome place for supergood Mwangi adventurers to come from, and it'd be nice to have more material for them.

Verces - Because this planet's mix of magic and science is just right. I want to have street gangs on hoverbikes protecting their turf from demonic cults trying to take root in the neighborhood, Augmented and God-Vessel cops tracking down offworld drug pushers selling dreams from Aucturn and Eox, illegal ring-wide street races, blaring feytechno rave clubs, alien dragons lighting atop skyscrapers, brave aethership crews making contact with other races from other worlds to pull as many allies together as they can to stop the threat of Eox, etc.

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A lot more of the inner sea. Most of the countries around there are rife with potential. Given it's historical significance Taldor seems a bit underdone. I was also disappointed with the Absolom guide - really would have preferred more pages for that, so hopefully an eventual hardcover isnt out of the question.

Scarab Sages

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Mikaze. I am with you on Osirion. I have also wanted this since Pathfinder started. I just forgot about it with all the other new things to play with. My new list.

1. Solar System

2. Osirion

3. Vudra

4. Azlanti

5. Dragon Kingdoms

6. Casmaron

7. More Inner Sea...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

1. Golarion's past.

History is the context with which we inform the actions of the present for shaping the future. I would love to see a detailed history of Golarion, more than a timeline. More than anything else, that would help me set a game in Golarion.

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Whatever the creative sorts at Paizo are yearning to write about and bursting with awesome ideas to develop, is what I want them to develop next.

I've read comics for decades, and they put out stories every month, whether they have awesome or compelling storylines that month (or year...), or not.

I'd rather Paizo didn't put out some workmanlike product because 'it was time to do book X' but pushed forward on products that their staff are clamoring with enthusiasm to develop.

Osirion would be my number one, and Nirmathas pretty close to my number 'a bajillion,' but I'd rather read a Nirmathas write-up written by someone who was *on fire* with ideas about Nirmathas than a dry by-the-numbers treatment of Osirion.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Numeria: Barbarians and robots and space hulks and mutants and aliens! Please, please, Pleeeeeeaaase!

Apostae: This is seriously an episode of Dr. Who D&D waiting to happen.

Eox: Planet of the Deeaaaaad! guitar-riff!

Aucturn and the Dark Tapestry and the Dominion of the Black: Can't get enough of that Lovecraftian madness

Castroval & Akiton- Frankly, most of the planets of the Golarion system would be lovely. A Golarion Bestiary of Aliens would be marvelous! I mean, the planets of the Golarion system are thick with possibilities.

Dragon Empires: I know we just did a Minkai intensive adventure path, but only like half of it actually took place in the Dragon Empires. I'd like to see more. Also, it'd be nice to know what portions of the Dragon Empires are based on which RL parts of Asia... some map more easily for me to see than others.

Land of the Linnorm Kings: I cut my teeth on Norse mythology, I'd love to see more taking place in this kingdom... and its neighbor...

Irrisen: Witches and Ice and Russian folklore!

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