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MegaCon Orlando 2012 Recap

Local Play

Sovereign Court *****

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Thank you to all who joined us for 4 days of Pathfinder-y goodness at MegaCon this year, it was a blast and many dice were rolled!

Extra special thanks to everyone who built at least 1 GM slot into their convention plans. Hopefully you had fun doing it - I know that I did. Everyone who sat at my tables was awesome!

Extra-extra-special thanks to Dom and Zach for organizing the whole thing - no small feat with as many tables and gamers as we had.

If you have observations, suggestions or feedback about your MegaCon Pathfinder Society experience, this is your thread. The intention is to have this be constructive, fruitful and non-personal.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to participate this year. Thanks!


I second that special thanks to all the GMs who made MegaCon mega-awesome. My group brought nine players up from West Palm Beach and for some it was their first exposure to PFS at a convention and for a couple it was their first con ever... we all had a great time and it was a huge "win" from my point of view.

The organization (getting folks grouped and seated) was very good, the quality of the GMs overall was very good, and the space provided was very good (enough room, not freezing cold or hot, and plenty of free water)!

The only thing I would change, if I could, would be to have gotten Zach a better mic/sound system for the Interactive event.



I was at Megacon Friday & Saturday, my first con. Thanks to Dom for answering my questions & getting me plugged in to several games, and to all who GM'd, played, and put this together (in a non-personal way of course ;-).

It was also my first experience with PFS, though I've been playing d&d 3.5 just over a year and Pathfinder a couple of months. There did seem to be a disparity between those with an actual character build and the pre-gens many of us ran. For instance, one person completed most of the puzzle challenge single-handedly by mage-handing everything to get around the actual puzzle. My frustration was more with the fact that I love logic puzzles but had no time to work on it as they simply bypassed the traps (certainly a valid way to accomplish it but it made the challenge pretty much pointless and took the fun out of it for me).

As I posted in another thread, I also ran into a problem with the PFS # I was given at the show - when I logged it in under my Paizo account it came up as having already been used at Hurricon last year so now I have credits for games/chars I never played and none for the one I did. Just a heads up to not reuse #'s.


Sovereign Court *****

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Hi Scott-

We just got the heads up regarding the duplicated PFS number and are working on getting things fixed for you. You should be getting more communication about this shortly.

I am curious about your other statement. You say 'us' with an actual character and 'us' with regards to pre-gens. Which were you playing in the scenario that you mention and how do you feel that specifically contributed to the un-funness of that particular puzzle?

Silver Crusade ***

Just want to add a "me too" to the thanks to the GMs and organizers who ran this event. I had a lot of fun. But I agree with Whiskey Jack - the sound system for Saturday evening's event just sucked.


Kristie, sorry for the confusion - I was playing a pregen as was most of the table. There were 2 players who brought their own characters - I don't want to get into specifics in this thread due to possible spoilers and to keep it non-personal. I will say the GM also seemed frustrated as the "figure out how to get the item and exit the room" was quickly met with one of the non-pregen characters having & using mage hands to bypass all the traps and simply remove what was needed before any of us had a chance to actually try to solve the puzzle. It was a non-std race/class build & seemed to be able to do a lot more than I thought a first level char can do, but I'm not up on char generation in PFS.

As I think back on it, most encounters were dominated by one or 2 characters while the others did little to nothing. I guess that's gonna happen as chars with different skills & abilities run into things they are good at. I even managed to disable all but one of the opponents in the final encounter (rainbow color spray with the assistance of a purloined and very surprised nyan-cat) so I can't complain.

Still a great deal of fun & I'll try to attend more of these, though I'm a little unsure about creating a character for keeps.

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