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Animal Fury and Grapple

Rules Questions

This question may have been asked a million times already but I could not find an acceptable answer.

I am making a Barbarian / Fighter spiked armor grappler. He will have the animal fury rage power giving him a primary bite attack (1d4 + 1.5 str if used alone / 1d4 + 0.5 str if used in full attack with melee weapons).

Question: When I maintain a grapple, is the free bite attack made before the grapple a primary attack or secondary attack? What amount of Str bonus do I add?

When you maintain it is a primary. A primary attack is only treated as a secondary attack when manufactured weapons are also used.

You're not making an attack roll with the spiked armor, so you are not attacking with a manufactured weapon. The bite is primary.

Thanks for your responses. Just to clarify:

So the grapple attempt is not considered an attack with a manufactured weapon (even though I am going to use the spiked armor's damage) and thus the bite is a primary attack and the str bonus for the bite is 1.5x (Since it is my only natural attack).


Inflicting an attack with the armor spikes is not considered an attack unless your action requires an attack roll; punching someone with a spiked gauntlet is an attack. Inflicting damage to someone simply because you have them in a bear hug is not.

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