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Darksun - Under A Bleeding Sun!! Kill A Sorcerer King


Grand Lodge

Hey Everyone!! I am looking to get some players for my PF Darksun campaign. Tons of custom content, every race and almost every class is custom to fit the setting. Rule set can be found on our blog Storyline info so far can be found on our obsidian portal

This is my first time hosting an online game. I plan on using Map tools to host and Skype for communication. I'm open on suggestions, but I've already played around in map tools, and will likely stick with it because of my price point. Any questions please ask. If you are interested please private message me your email. Don't post here cause a spider might crawl it and spam you. I will add you to my Campaign Group list, and send out a mailer to introduce you to everyone.

Some people have felt overwhelmed by the character creation process because of all the custom content. If you want character help just let me know. Look forward to gaming with you all soon!

Grand Lodge

Oh yea, gonna be running it on Sundays - once or twice a month depending on what works for everyone. Already have a guaranteed three players - looking for 2-3 more.


What time on sundays?

Grand Lodge

We've been starting between 12-2pm Arizona (Currently MST I think) time. We usually run 6-8 hours. Since it should be easier to schedule meetings not having people drive from all over the state, game times might go down some days, depends what everyone wants.


Ah, oh well. Good luck then.

Grand Lodge

Sorry that doesn't work for you.

Grand Lodge

Yes, bumping my own thread, I suck. Up to 4 want 1-2 more still.

Silver Crusade

Ah, crap. I'd play but I have other commitments during those hours.

Grand Lodge

Ahhh, bummer. It looks like I'm up to 5(hopefully, one guy seems a little flakey) players, I'd like six still to fight a sorcerer-king!!

Grand Lodge

Alright, going to try once more and see if I can pull that final player. Any final takers???

Grand Lodge

Hey all, my current game is full. I will let everyone know if we have any spots open up in the future. If you'd like to join the waiting list feel free to message me or put a post here. I am taking the waiting list on a first come first serve basis, and having never ran an online game, not sure what to expect on attrition.


Grand Lodge

Hey Everyone!! Because of how the games going (one player is missing every other session) I'd like to add another player to the game, so you will be the 7th. It's pretty hardcore so I don't think it will affect balance too much. Anyway - all the same info as before still applies.

Next game this Sunday the 15th.

Also, if anyone is interested I'm trying to get a Monday game going. Have two people who are in and four on the fence/if we play when they're available people. Not sure what I'm running, but I think I have it down to Ptolus or an AP.

Grand Lodge

Alright, the Monday game has turned into a Carrion Crown game. Have 4 people so far.

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