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Class Submissions

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Is there any way to submit self-made classes to Paizo for consideration in future publications? I am planning to GM a campaign with a magekiller type class, and everything I found online was overpowered. So, I did what any logical GM would do; made my own class.

Not directly, no. While I am sure your class is interesting, you can just imagine the massive amount of material such an open submission approach would generate. If you look over at the RPG Superstar forums, you will see how difficult it is to even get through wondrous magical item suggestions once a year. Dealing with an infinite stream of all sorts of material would require an entire dedicated staff.

Speaking of Superstar, though, it is probably one of your best bets if you are interested in seeing your material in print. It is a great opportunity for designers to break into the business. Even if you don't win, the exposure might help you get noticed and perhaps produce some work for Paizo in the future.

You can also try just posting it over in the homebrew forum. Who knows, maybe somebody will notice and something will happen. At the very least, people can discuss the class and possibly make it better for your home game.

Also, it was mentioned by developers a few times that they are not interested in adding more base classes to Pathfinder - they find current classes enough to build most character types, with only a bit of tinkering/archetype tweaking.

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