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How do I use Skype and Maptools for Pathfinder Campaigns?


Grand Lodge

I learned that some DMs and players have used Skype and Maptools in their campaigns, but I have some problems in figuring out how to adjust these two programs for the PF Games. Can anyone give me some instructions into using them for games?

Also, does my PFS character have to go through the First Steps campigns before he can play other campaigns? or do I have to play with Pregenerated Characters until my character can play?

Grand Lodge

does my PFS character have to go through the First Steps campigns before he can play other campaigns?

Nope, you can play any lower tier scenario.

Can anyone give me some instructions into using them for games?

the Skype part is easy - just create a group conference with all of the players who are playing with you.

the maptool part is trickier. maptool is not a n00b friendly program, but, once you get the hang of it, it really is quite sweet. I recommend working through the tutorials, found on

if you use herolab at all, I recommend my very own tokenlab, which automagically dumps herolab characters into maptool. you can read about it here.

good luck!

Note that you don't have to use a Pathfinder-specific campaign framework (or indeed any framework at all) in order to use all depends on how automated you want it to be.

There is a very comprehensive campaign framework out there for Pathfinder, just check the MapTool forums. The game I am in doesn't use it, however...MapTool can just be a shared map with basic die rolling.

I'd suggest trying the framework out, and if you are comfortable with it, go with that...if not, MapTool is still quite useful without it.

I recommend Fantasy Grounds II. It's what me and my group use since I moved to another country.

FG already has pathfinder rules so you can keep all the PC Sheets (and monsters) on the program. It has a very good mapping function with fog of war. I use maps from paizos AP pdfs and they look GREAT

You can design your own tokens. I take some time to get minature-looking images, it looks fantastic specially for bigger creatures (dragons).

You can have a combat manager and have it run initiative and list the order of init and have a summary of the stats.

In short, a really cool program, well worth it. Even after I moved back we continued using it. With one PC plugged in to the TV and another laptop for the DM, you will not need a table anymore!!!

(It's a little more difficult to improvise maps on the computer, but it can be done)

RPG Superstar 2014 Top 32

I'm interested in trying MapTools myself, if there was any interest. Right now, I would consider running Kingmaker over MapTools.

If you need help using MapTool, send me an email and I will go over using MapTool with the Pathfinder/3.5E Framework. I have been using it for 2+ years, I am not the developer, but I have contributed code and know my way around using the system.

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Or play a couple PFS games first. You'll find folks running PFS via maptools and other programs here:!forum/pathfinder-soc iety-online-collective

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