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Flesh and Bone-A zombiepocalypse needs an arcanist


The game is now open again for an arcane caster type.
The creation rules are here

The exception is that the part is now 4th level, but your gear is still chosen with 3rd level gold.

If you get bitten you might turn, just like in the movies, but it is not guaranteed.

I will take on two people if I like more than 1 entry.

edit:The storyline is basically that about 3 years ago people and animals that died would rise again. Even some people who had been dead for a while rose again. Rumors are not circulating that many of the big cities have been overrun.
Anyone entering now will be in the city of Quantium.


Any specific arcane user? I love playing arcane. Yes, I am stalking you Uatu.

I prefer a full caster. We do have a bard archivist. That does not mean you can not play another bard, but a full caster has a better chance of getting in if more than one good story shows up.

I edited the opening post to give a little more info.


Ok then, do you need blasting power or diversity?

That is good. :)

edit:oops. Either one. I would not pick all blasting spells though.


So blasting power AND diversity? Evocation wizard here I come!

Ooo interesting character just popped into my head. Female wizard who has a bonded dagger and uses it as an athame to draw spell figures in light in the air or on a surface to cast a spell.


With an active adventuring life, how many spells would she have added to her book on top of the two per level?

You can use your money to buy any scrolls and add them to your book. Taking 10 on the spellcraft checks would pretty much be an auto success.

Dark Archive

How about Cinder the Hotblooded. Probably not his real name but he's been surviving alone in and around Quantium for three years and the seclusion has driven him a bit mad. He is by turns grandiose, morose, and gibbering and twitching. If Quantium is too populated for that to make sense, I'd have him recently arrived from a place that had been entirely overrun. It could even be a big city and he could be bringing some of those dire rumors of the end of civilization.

He'll be a Fire Elemental bloodline sorcerer. Each spell level will have one or maybe two offensive spells, but the rest will be the kind of utility that would have allowed him to survive alone against the zombie horde. He'll be a little obsessed with fire, though.

Also, I freaking love zombies. God, this would be a cool game. I work in public health and the woman in the cubicle next to me is the chief of the rabies division. I listen constantly for signs that the zombie apocalypse has begun and we're mistaking it for rabies like in the beginning of World War Z.

Are you judging on backstory alone or do you want to see a character sheet? If you need a sheet it might take until sometime tonight but I'll see if I can get something done during my lunch break.

Backstory is first.

Dark Archive

You know what, scratch Cinder. Or I guess, keep him if you like him but I won't do more work on him without your encouragement. I'm worried that he'd be a little too gonzo and dilute the seriousness of a zombie apocalypse. New idea forthcoming. Something a little more serious.

Dark Archive

OK, how about this:

Tobin MacGregor was a fairly average fellow before the dead rose. He came from a long line of wizards but never showed any aptitude for it. He pursued the sciences instead, focusing mainly on the natural world. He was in [insert appropriate nearby town here] with his wife, a doctor, when the world changed. The town had been experiencing some sort of plague and Tobin had been brought in to consult on possible animal vectors and his wife determined to come and offer what help she could. The soft earth allowed the dead in the mass graves to dig themselves out easily and they fell upon the town in hordes. Tobin rushed to the inn where his wife was but arrived too late. She had died. His only consolation was that there was not enough left of her to reanimate.

He was resigned to dying there alongside her but as the zombies came, so did the magic. It coursed through him as if his subconscious was reacting to the danger and allowing the power that had been there loose. In burst of power that had been restrained for too long, the zombies surrounding him were incinerated. Tobin walked from the burning inn with vengeance in his heart and, hopefully, the power to see it done.


Again, probably have one evocation spell per level and utility and buffs for the rest of his spells known. Arcane bloodline but if the party has a need for more skills, I could take the Sage wildblood and have a great deal more skills than the average Sorcerer.

How's that? Any feedback?

That works. I can make up a town, and say you made your way to Quantium. We can decide how long you have been there if you get picked up. I will probably wait about 24 more hours before I make an announcement.


I decided I'm running too many arcane user. While I love them, I need to try something else. I am bowing out, have fun Dragon.

Ok Shady. Dragon it looks like you are in a one man race for now.

Dark Archive

That dramatically increases my chances. Let me know if/when you want a sheet.

Yuengling Dragon you are in. Get the sheet together when you get a chance, and I will have to PM you so info after the sheet is looked over.

Uatu, in your original post you said you might take two, I wonder if i'm too late to try to get in on this? It sounds like a fun one.

If so, are you still looking for an arcanist?

I don't think the party would be upset with two arcanist. Hit me up with something different* from YD's caster and I might make an exception.

A decent background story, and what you plan to play is basically what I am asking for.

I do love apocalypse stories; any aversion to Summoner with the Broodmaster archetype? It'll be a character based loosely on myself, with two cat-like Small eidolons.

Whilst the arcanist side would be slightly less powerful than a Sorcerer/Wizard of the same level, I think it could introduce interesting tactical situations.

Sure. You will have to compete with Tomcat for the 2nd entry spot though.


How's that?

so how do the zombies react to control undead?

I have a wayung wizard that I could use for this.

He was just a youngling traveling with his tribe as they were moving cross-country when the tribe was attacked by goblins. For some reason the goblins decided to take him in and raised him as one of their own. Years later the goblin tribe was decimated by an adventuring group. The wizard of the group recognized that the young creature was not a goblin but a very lost wayung on the wrong side of the world. The wizard took him in and worked on educating him and bringing him into civilized society. He still doesn't like dogs or horses though.

De'ohge found that he had a natural talent for the arcane arts and quickly took to learning the ways of a wizard under the tutelage of his master.

Until the world fell apart. His master left him to go fight the hordes and never returned, and now he finds himself on his own, surviving.

They are controlled just like any other undead.

The crunch is on the profile.

Will be editing for clarity and finishing equipment (probably scrolls).

If you don't like the Wayang, then I can make him something else (possibly elf or gnome) and adjust the background a little bit.

The party already has a Juju Oracle who's one trick is commanding undead, so they react to control relatively well ;-)

The wayang is ok. I am at work(lunch). I will post again when I get home in a few hours.

I got home over an hour ago, but I seem to be having internet issues.

The Wayang is ok.

@ Tobin aka YD: I will be looking over the character soon. If everything checks out I will be sending you a PM.

De'ohge check your PM. :)

De-oghe I sent you a second PM because I did not know the first one got through. Use the 2nd one.

Tomcat if you are still interested I need for you to post a background story for consideration.

Dark Archive

Watcher Uatu wrote:

@ Tobin aka YD: I will be looking over the character soon. If everything checks out I will be sending you a PM.

Did something not check out? I see De'ohge already got started.

I somehow combined the two of you mentally. I guess I can let him stay in since I was considering him as alternate anyway. I will be sending you a PM soon so you can get started. Check your PM's in about 15 minutes.

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