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So Im running a new campeigne..


I just wanted some advice on starting a new story, here are my current plans:

The pcs are captured and taken to castle Thorne. They are blindfolded on the way there. Be sure to describe the hard feel of their captors. In the cell their thrown in they meet another prisoner named john who says that they have been captured by the steelflesh.  Jhon is a former guard 15 years who has resigned to his fate. The steelflesh have been capturing people of talent and bringing them to castle Thorne. They take them to a room where prisoners minds are transfused into the warforged like steelflesh. If they find the candidates mind unsatisfactory they send them to work in the steel minds below castle Thorne.  The pcs find a way to escape the cell, but are herded to the mines. There they encounter several waves of kobold slavers. Expect the mines to take the majority of the time.  Finally the pcs escape the mines into the underdark where they are greeted by myceloid ( bestiary 3) who claims to be leading them to the suface but leads them to his house and attempts to eat them. The pcs find a secret passage to the surface in the house where they are finally free.

Starting at level 1? How many players? Are you restricting classes? What books are you allowing?

Sounds like a lot of improvised weapons and unarmed fighting without much for armor or resources to heal in between fights, and caster's may be gimped out of spellbooks and holy symbols.

If they get out of it alive, sounds like an interesting hook. At least a way to forge a party together through common strife. Good for ze RP.

I can't speak for other players, but campaigns where my characters are captured, imprisoned, blindfolded or otherwise incapacitated (and presumably separated from their stuff) are generally not campaigns I am thrilled to start. Putting my mind in a different body with no chance for me to avoid the fate would just exacerbate my concern.

I am sure this could be done in a way that would be entertaining, but right off the top of my head, if you were my GM and proposed this, I would say: "No thanks, not interested."

Well I was actually planing on leaving the players with their stuff for gameplay flow concerns. I kno this is going to leave disconnect between story and gameplay, but it's necessary. The best reason I can come up with is their captors have no need to disarm them because they dont fear them. Btw the starting level is 2

Hmm, I would suggest against the disconnect. Having heavily armored PC's with all their toys in a cell makes little sense and removes the sense of danger that would be the main catch of the story. I would suggest you improvise instead. Weapons and armor? Equivalent level 2 gear in the armory. Spellbook/Holy Symbol taken? Have the PC's go back for them, or Bluff/Diplomacy the items back from the guard. "That's not a spellbook! That's my journal!" "Sir, it is but a humble symbol of my deity. Would you really chance the wrath of a god for a mere trinket?" If no one in the party rolls a class with disable device, make sure they get an NPC cellmate or a plot device that'll let them out.

Where will the party recuperate? They'll need time if for some reason their healer can't heal them up. Time to gain back spells. "Waves" are much harsher on low levels than higher.

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