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Knowledge (Nobles)

Rules Questions

Hello, I am new to Pathfinder and was wondering what exactly Knowledge(Nobles) can be used for. The rulebook says things like "Know proper etiquette" and I dont know what the purpose of that is. Could anyone please explain that more clearly? List examples maybe?

Knowledge checks are almost exclusively the realm of GM's to decide usefulness. That said, it can help you identify minor nobles/knight arms/political situations in a given campaign setting.

Dark Archive

You can also use it for heraldry, genealogy, etc.

The purpose of knowing proper etiquette, basically, is to avoid the PCs acting like unwashed barbarians and/or ending up insulting an important noble and land in jail (or worse).

I was thinking something like that so, at the GM's digression, it could help me when conversing with nobles and such?

Sovereign Court

It's among the less-useful knowledge skills, because there's no monster types tied to it for identifying abilities/weaknesses.

But as Malfus said, the GM can potentially end up making it much more (or less) useful depending on the campaign he's running by how often your characters interact with or investigate the upper crust.

Alright, thank you all, that is about all I need to know about it.

I put a rank into it so I know what to wear to what. We have had wardrobe problems before it really hindered us because we had no idea what was proper and not

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