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Golarion's Most Wanted Mystery Menaces

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

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Where in our products have we mentioned monsters but not presented stats for said monsters? (Like how the Tane got mentioned in Pathfinder #2 but largely didn't show up with stats until Bestiary 2). I'm on a hunt for the statistically unloved and any help would be appreciated.

Alternatively, where have we illustrated monsters that have no stats? (Like the picture of the monks fighting the manananggals from the first campaign setting book, or Merisiel and her flock of pretty pink fish-monkeys that most recently appeared in the APG.)

What I'm not looking for is named individuals, even those of a monstrous persuasion (like Ayrzuk, the Nirvana Dragon, or the Spawn of Rovagug), so we can leave those big guys out - though if a region has its unique, named beastie (like the Sandpoint Devil) feel free to throw it on the list!

Post the monstrous mysteries that have baffled you most here!

Sczarni RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

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Quickly scoured the Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting. Found a few. I would personally like to see sandkrakens, razorscales, fleshforged creatures, and whirlmaw statted up.

Deadwood Dryads
Twilight Unicorns


Gollix Serpents

fleshforged creatures

Blightspawned Fey


Stalk Beetles


Vudran Gharial

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Hi Wes,

Ahuizotl is in Bestiary 3. But I'm pretty sure the others Monsieur LeBlanc listed are not in anything published so far.

It would be interesting to see the Wendo from PF#39 statted up. I realize they are uniques, but they might be comparable to the Tane in CR.

A were-hyena is mentioned in the Osirion Companion, p.6.

I am, of course, curious about Trilochan, who is a named creature. And there's something depicted on p.35 of the PFS Field Guide that's interesting as well.

Sczarni RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Jeff de luna wrote:
Ahuizotl is in Bestiary 3. But I'm pretty sure the others Monsieur LeBlanc listed are not in anything published so far.

I must have misspelled it when searching for it. I have barely perused the Bestiary 3, but when I looked it up I remember reading the Akhlut.

Thanks Jeff. Now go back to work creating great things for me to use!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Card Game, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
James Jacobs wrote:

It's an alien we illustrated in Pathfinder #14 but never statted up or even named.


From the Moonscar module discussion thread, art used for mockup cover.

(Of course, it could be statted up in said module.)


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Maps, Modules, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber

I'm pulling from the AP fiction here, so I may miss some things that have stats elsewhere:

I'd like to know about the background of The Happy Fellow legend (A History of Ashes, p. 77) even though he's supposed to be an elf...

Nifran from the LoF fiction (couldn't tell is this was a slur, a race, or a animal/creature from the usage, and the wiki didn't have anything on it)

Escape from Old Korvosa art on 59 (only art in first 2 APs I can't place)

Zhen worm Campaign Setting, p. 215 (I know not much of a threat, but maybe a hazard?).

Grand Lodge

-Mana Waste Mutant Gnoll
-Mana Waste Mutant template
-Iron Golem mk.2 Dongun Hold Edition
-Adamantine Golem mk.2 Dongun Hold Edition

-Rebelling Eidolon
-Rebelling Tumour Familiar
-Failed Alchemical Experiment
-Rebelling mage-killer Homunculus
-Soulless, decapitated Galt undead (physical)
-Severed Soul Galt undead (incorporeal)

-Vudran Marilith Subtypes (weaker, stronger, faster, less ugly)
-Red Mantis magically-altered Giant Mantis
-Ascended Tengu (Fey, Devilish, Celestial)
-Human Tengu with long red noses and feathery wings
-Pazuzu Vrocks
-Charon ocean-based undead
-Eye of Abendago screaming fury wind spirits
-High or Noble Gillmen with more Azlanti blood and special abilities

-Goblins with white fur that come from freezing locales
-Tiny cute green tricerapet on a leash that's in Inner Sea
-Pinky fish-monkeys from APG
-Magically altered chickens (their blood is marinade! Yum!)

Liberty's Edge

The giant living ship-eating island mentioned in the Inner Sea World Guide supposedly inhabiting the seas around Sarusan. :)

And I wouldn't mind seeing more faction NPCs statted - Grey Gardeners are a big must, though not the point of this thread.

The art in Escape from Old Korvosa, p.59 is an "Enormous Reefclaw," I think, Captain.

Burnt Offerings:
P. 85: "dog-men on the Far Eastern Isle of Bhopan"

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Fantastic so far all! Thanks a ton and keep 'em coming!

Sczarni RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Keld Piskies have been mentioned in various books, but were they ever statted up?

The Great Beyond:
- Sidhe
- template gained from eating of the Fleshwarren

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The Worldwound: Clinton Boomer's Kakuen-taka, the Hunger that Moves, needs an official writeup.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Caustic drake and thunder drake from Guide to Darkmoon Vale p21, though the caustic drake has suggestions based off a wyvern in the random monster tables later in the book.

Dark Archive

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

From the old thread:

I looked through the old thread on this topic and dug up everything that wasn't statted (a fair number of things had been between that old thread and this one), wasn't unique and high-level, and wasn't an ethnicity of some sort or a vairant on a statted animal with the changes to that animal listed out where it was mentioned.

These are the results:


Sandkraken (Campaign Setting. page 59)

"The following is taken for Hangman's Noose and while it does not specificly name these plant creatures it does give the briefest descriptions of about 5 or 6 deadly plants or mosters of the plant type.

"Meanwhile, new things began to grow: black trees with weeping human eyes on the tips of their sickly branches; blood-sap sentinels; fungal molds the size of cattle; and marrow-drinking vines that steal memories, voices, and bones of any who wander among them. Worse, plants that infest human cadavers, animating the thing to walk among the living, are rumored to grow here along the sunless lanes. The cater-blossoms mewl in horror now, surrounded by twisted abomoinations of nature..."
Hangman's Noose pg. 28 under the section "Arboretum Arcanis"

The first five are specific vermin/vermin swarms mentioned on page 29 of Hangman's Noose, the quote, like the one above, does not specificly name a creature but does provide a brief description.

Mottle Cliff-Stingers
Blackmead Hornets
Scorpion Crabs
Blight Flies
Eye-Stealing Synwasps
"Those who bravely venture inside see figures roaming within the deluge of vermin-tall things with long arms ending in five spasming stingers where fingers should be..."
Hangman's Noose pg. 29 under the section "Stinger's Scar""

From The Great Beyond:
Formians (Wasp Type)
Time Elementals

"From PF#2 The Skinshaw Murders, there are the unnamed spider-like horrors that came from within the Irespan (pg. 59 under "A History of Dread")"

razorscales (Dark Markets p. 19 & LoF PG p. 12)

Soul Worm
"The worm creatures are souls of the damned, collected by evil outsiders to sell, trade, and--oftentimes--simply devour."
Gallery of Evil pg. 10 under the section titled "Harvester of Souls"

In PF #23, the Rovagug article, there's some Kellid people who live by the Worldwound and get mutated by the powers of raw chaos.
What do they get mutated into? Or is it mentioned somewhere I don't know?

Rime Elemental
Guardians of Dragonfall pg. 16

Keld Piskies
Hollow's Last Hope pg. 5

Loa Spirits
River Into Darkness pages 18 and 19
-> These might fall into the unique/divine category

Akyrak (A History of Ashes pages 64 and 65)
AKA the scorpion-bear

Gray dragons
PF#4, Dragons of Golarion Article

Elves of Golarion pg. 18-19

From the planets article in Children of the Void-
The mechanical or elemental denizens of aballon
Lashunta Males / Females
Akiton’s four-armed race
Ysoki rat-men
Red-skinned lizard folk of Akiton
Akiton’s great sand serpents
Contemplatives of Ashok
Verces’s humanoid race
The bizarre creatures who mine crystals and have monolithic factories on Verces
The great asteroid-hopping spider beings of the Diaspora
The pale, angelic beings with moth-like wings of pure energy that ride the solar winds of the Diasopra
The race that lived on Eox (and now lives on it as undead, preferably in living and undead versions)
The humanoids of Triaxus
Amorphous and gliding monsters from Liavara
The dreamers of Liavara
The members of the civilization on Arkanen
The silicon-based life of Dykon
The radioactively-based denizens of Thyst
A potential subterranean race on Apostae (unconfirmed)
Beings from Aucturn, including those that influenced ancient Osirion
The awesome eye-and-tendril monster on page 53
The jovian herd animals that Brethedans can use as transport from their planet
The Metal Men (and other beings) from the black ship of Numeria (as well as whatever created it)
The dinosaur creature ridden by the Lashunta woman on page 55
Potential creatures mentioned-
Creatures of light and gas
Vast hive-mind networks of alien creatures

From the original Thassilon article in Burnt Offerings-
Inverted giants
Red walkers

From Into the Darklands-
Vault keepers
The ooze tentacle slug thing on page 4
The sentient flying snakes of the Garden of Nyl

From the Campaign Setting-
Mwangi Expanse-
“reptilian-toothed flightless birds and mysterious aquatic beasts from antediluvian times”
Flapping horrors
Tiny demonlings of the worldwound
Kakuen-taka, the Hunger that Moves
From ‘Beyond the Inner Sea’
The flying oriental vampire torso ladies from page 152
Guardian daemons
Arctic worms (not remorhazes, as those are mentioned seperates in the same sentence)
From ‘The Great Beyond’-
Embryonic gods

In PF#5, the Yethazmari bestiary mentions the Gytrash of Gralton, the Juggerloathe and the Isger's swaithes. It also mentions Kirukakarung, the queen of the Black Hunt.

"Also, Star Monarchs never got properly statted and there was mention of various boggard variants. "

Hetkoshu are mentioned in Osirion, Land of Pharaohs, as living in the River Sphinx and the pools of Shiman-Sekh. I do not know if they have stats anywhere, but they're described as a native variant of the crocodile.

Monsters from the Campaign Setting:
- Koloiaq, p101
- Twigjacks, p103
- Horrorwisps, p103
- Blightspawned Fey (and the Arbor Mortis), p113
- Thunderbirds, p137
- Homa, p137

The wormfolk (Seven Swords of Sin, p. 30)

"I remember the glowy things in Ember Lake piqued my curiosity."

From Princes of Darkness p. 24, the Oitos Kyton (the individual is described as a golden skeleton wearing robes of flesh)

All of these from the Guide to Absalom
Hippocampus (the sea cavalry)
Mother Sphinx (the mascot of the city)
Blue and red Chimeras (Kortos Mounts)
Sea-ghouls (The targets of the Undying Light commemorated in the Seventh Church)
Honey-producing wasps of Calistria (Pleasure Salon of Calistria)
Winged camels, axebeaks, bladebeaks, huge lizard-like creatures, giant non-venomous centipedes (Transport In Absalom)
The Assembler, the Ruling Escarpment, Thumpers, The Brass Carrots (or at least their constructs)(The Clockwork Cathedral)
The Living Eye, the Self-Consuming Troll, the Inverted Man, the Fish-Head Queen (Aysepir's Astounded Abyss)
Tunnel brach badgers (The Fierce Stripe)

There are some monsters in the book of the damned vol 1 that don't have stats. One that comes to mind is the Typhlipedes.

Dream Wolves - Darkmoon Veil

From the Twice Damned Prince-
Elysian Titan (mentioned upthread, mentioned again here on page 85, Hell Gigas writeup)
Nirvana Gigas (Page 85, Hell Gigas writeup)
Maelstrom Gigas (Page 85, Hell Gigas writeup)
The spirits Advodazas were born from (Page 80)

Here's some more:
The 'unknown beings of great height and proportion' that constructed Jaha (Heart of the Jungle, page 34)
The aliens that built Kembe (Heart of the Jungle, page 53)

Khaei (City of Strangers 56)
"Strange, man-shaped things with crowns of floating bone, their every word a silent, indecipherable explosion capable of leveling a building" (City of Strangers 58)
"Tentacle horrors wielding blades that slice through the threads of time itself, unraveling existance in their fury" (City of Strangers 58)

From Guide to the River Kingdoms;
Silkgoyles (Nystra)

I'm not sure if the yaenit, Lamashtu's hyena-demon followers, have stats.

The dragon in Guide to Absalom was Maejerex Steeleye, a dragon with amethyst scales who was killed in the 4500s AR.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------

More things I've located-

From the Bestiary 3:
Holocaust Behemoths
Leviathan Behemoths

From the Book of the Damned:
Hell Leviathans (seen frozen in the ice)

The haunted/undead-merged clockworks form the Darklands under Tian Xia (Dragon Empires Page 21)
The sentient oil from the same region (Dragon Empires page 21)

The mechascorpion from the Numeria picture

From Lords of Chaos:
Hydraggon Qlippoth (Page 50)
Shiggarreb Qlippoth (unique, might not count) (Page 50)

Liberty's Edge

I think the Ouliphaunt (sp?) is considered an epic beast, but I would like some more background on it.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber


Twigjacks and Hippocampus are in bestiary 2, Incubus are in bestiary 3 :)


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Maps, Modules, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber

White speckled dragons (AP #4)

You know... something that rarely gets mentioned is the harmless creatures... What pacifists of creatures are there that should never get stat blocks... encountering some of these fantastical creates early always helped new players learn that not everything non human you meet is "I see a weird thing in front of me- I draw my sword initiative is _"

dotted again...

Charigs from the pond outside Carowyn manor in PF #8. Glow in the dark salamanders make for awesome familiars.

Fleanetha wrote:

Snuck into Bestiary 3 when no one was looking.

Demon, incubus

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Going through Lord Gadigan's list:
Mishtu, twigjacks, hippocampus, Elysian titans, arctic worms (frost worms), thunderbirds and guardian daemons (as ceustodaemons) are in Bestiary 2.

Incubus, axebeaks, valkyries and the flying torsos (manngannal [sp]) are in Bestiary 3.

The flightless birds with teeth and the flapping horrors in the Mwangi Expanse are more flavorful ways of saying "dinosaurs", specifically Deinonychus and Pteranodon respectively.

I totally want to see charigs as familiars. Hadn't thought about it until it was mentioned upthread.


...starfish panda?

The Thin Men from Nuat island in Rahadoum

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I could have sworn that razorscales were just the local Katapeshi term for the Bestiary's giant frilled lizards.

TwiceGreat wrote:
The giant living ship-eating island mentioned in the Inner Sea World Guide supposedly inhabiting the seas around Sarusan. :)

That'd be the aspidochelene from one of the Council of Thieves bestiary-sections, methinks.

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I’ve actually been keeping a list of these for several years with every product I’ve got. I’m sure I’ve missed some, and I haven’t checked it against those mentioned above, but here’s what I’ve got. (Some of them are variant monsters for which a full stat block has not been provided, so they may not be what you’re looking for). It’s also possible that I’ve missed some whose stat blocks came out in a later product, though I tried to catch those.

Name Source
Acacia, bullhorn* Heart of Jungle 5
Acid shadow* (blast shadow) PF #15 83
Adherer shroud* Misfit Monsters 7
Akyrak* PF #10 64
Allip, scribbling* Undead Revisited 55
Aluum, darksoul* Katapesh 59
Aluum, helltempered* Katapesh 59
Aluum, lifebond* Katapesh 59
An-Hetkoshu* (crocodile) Lost Cities 52
Aswang* (vampire) Classic Horrors 49
Banshee, greater* PF #17 81
Bear, dire polar* Lost Cities 61
Bear, polar* Lost Cities 61
Beetle, jewel* (beetle, fire) PF #10 65
Blackboil gator* (crocodile) Korvosa 55
Blood caiman* (crocodile) PF #44 19
Boar, Sargavan* PFCCS 214
Bodak, larger* Undead Revisited 8
Bodak, multi-headed* Undead Revisited 8
Bodak, smaller* Undead Revisited 8
Bore-worm* PF #51 73
Bulette, leprous* (bulette) Dungeon Denizens 7
Bulette, spiny* (bulette) Dungeon Denizens 7
Bush, ellim* Heart of Jungle 5
Bush tiger* (hyena) PF #10 64, 65
Bustard* (bird) Legacy of Fire PG 5
Cactus, frog* PF #38 Inside Cover
Calopi* (antelope) Katapesh 16
Camelopard* (camel) Katapesh 17
Centipede, pigtail* Korvosa 55
Centipede, tube* (centipede, Med.)PF #10 65
Charda blacktongue* PF #18 85
Chimera, orthus* Mythical Monsters 8
Chupacabra, winged* PF #19 79
Cinder scourge* (*argoth) PF #3 87
Cindersnake* (viper, Tiny) PF #10 64, 65
Cloaker, amphibious* (cloaker) Dungeon Denizens 13
Cloaker, assassin* (cloaker) Dungeon Denizens 13
Cloaker, fungoid* (cloaker) Dungeon Denizens 13
Cloaker, halfbreed* (cloaker) Dungeon Denizens 13
Cloaker, priest* (cloaker) Dungeon Denizens 13
Cloaker, shadowbrood* (cloaker) Dungeon Denizens 13
Cloaker, stinger* (cloaker) Dungeon Denizens 14
Cloaker, vampiric* (cloaker) Dungeon Denizens 14
Cloaker, webspinner* (cloaker) Dungeon Denizens 14
Cockroach, Mwangi hissing* PF #13 85
Corby, dread* (dire corby) Misfit Monsters 19
Corby, ghost* (dire corby) Misfit Monsters 19
Corby, ghoul* (dire corby) Misfit Monsters 19
Corby, winged* (dire corby) Misfit Monsters 20
Cougar, firepelt* PF #3 70
Crocotta* (leucrotta) PF #17 83
Cube, ebony* (gelatinous cube) Dungeon Denizens 19
Cube, frost* (gelatinous cube) Dungeon Denizens 20
Cutlass spider, intelligent* PF #15 85
Deatheye dancer* (spider, dream)PF #7 83
Drake, caustic* Darkmoon Vale 20
Drake, thunder* Darkmoon Vale 20
Elemental, lazurite* Dungeons of Glrn. 60
Elf, snowcaster* PF #51 73
Elk, pygmy* Katapesh 38
Faceless hulk* PF #2 89
Fennec, brushtail* (fox) Legacy of Fire PG 5
Fennec, firefoot* (fox) PFCCS 214
Festrog, beastkin* D4 31
Festrog, high* D4 31
Festrog, living* D4 31
Festrog, Menadoran* D4 31
Festrog, vampire* D4 31
Finless* Lost Cities 50
Fleshwarp, gomnits* (gnome) PF #16 60
Fleshwarp, grothlut* (human) PF #16 61
Fleshwarp, halsora* (vegepygmy) PF #16 61
Fleshwarp, jashoi* (halfling) PF #16 61
Fleshwarp, oronci* (orc) PF #16 61
Freezing shadow* (blast shadow) PF #15 83
Fungal mound* (shambling mound) Lost Cities 12
Fungus, slaver* PF #42 Inside Cover
Fungus, unidentified Mwangi* PF #37 Inside Cover
Gargoyle, arctic* Classic Horrors 19
Gargoyle, forest* Classic Horrors 19
Gargoyle, gemstone* Classic Horrors 19
Gargoyle, obsidian* Classic Horrors 19
Gargoyle, sandstone* Classic Horrors 20
Gargoyle, waterspout* Classic Horrors 20
Gecko, bluering* PF #40 Inside Cover
Gecko, Hyrantum* Katapesh 38
Geier* (bird) Katapesh 18
Genie, shaitan pasha* PF #18 87
Ghoul, lazurite* Dungeons of Glrn. 60
Ghul, great* Katapesh 63
Giant, worldgorger* S1 31
Gibbering host* Lost Cities 42
Gnome cap* (fungus) PF #41 Inside Cover
Goblin dog, duskhound* Goblins of Gol. 7
Goblin dog, plaguedog* Goblins of Gol. 7
Goblin dog, tunnelmaw* Goblins of Gol. 7
Godling, Nuruu’gal* Lost Cities 37
Golem, flesh, electrified* Classic Horrors 12
Golem, flesh, unholy* Classic Horrors 12
Golem, marrowstone* Dungeons of Glrn. 60
Great mother* (lurker ray) Misfit Monsters 49
Greensward* (shambling mound) Dungeon Denizens 61
Griffon, alce* Mythical Monsters 20
Gug savant* PF #11 83
Gutaki* (devilfish) PF #7 81
Hadi* Lost Cities 23
Hadi rajwan* Lost Cities 23
Hadi tafen* Lost Cities 23
Head of Lecit Ghazts, The* PF #45 Inside Cover
Horse, mountain* Darkmoon Vale 27
Host Corpse* Classic Horrors 55
Housefly, giant* (fly, giant) PF #8 85
Hoverfly, giant* (fly, giant) PF #8 85
Howler mandrill* PF #39 Inside Cover
Hydra, grave* Mythical Monsters 32
Hydra, schism* Mythical Monsters 32
Hydra, warden* Mythical Monsters 32
Jelly, electric* (gelatinous cube)Dungeon Denizens 19
Jelly, umber* Lost Cities 23
Jerboa* (rodent) Legacy of Fire PG 5
Jocta* Qadira 31
Kasya* Prince of Darkness 53
Khabas* PF #51 73
Ko-minka* (blink dog) PF #10 65
Kyton, oitos* Prince of Darkness 24
Lava child, ancient* Misfit Monsters 44
Lava child behemoth* Misfit Monsters 44
Lava child chieftain* Misfit Monsters 43
Lava child youth* Misfit Monsters 44
Leviathan* Prince of Darkness 53
Lightning shadow* (blast shadow)PF #15 83
Lion, Katapeshi* Katapesh 19
Living topiary, brambles* PF #47 81
Living topiary, extra-limbed* PF #47 81
Living topiary, flame-retardant*PF #47 81
Living topiary, innocuous* PF #47 81
Living topiary, poisonous* PF #47 81
Medusa, brazen* Mythical Monsters 44
Mereswan* Darkmoon Vale 27
Mohrg, desert* Undead Revisited 31
Mohrg, fleshwalker* Undead Revisited 32
Mohrg, frost* Undead Revisited 32
Mohrg-mother* Undead Revisited 32
Mole, shard* PF #42 Inside Cover
Molting strangler* (roper) Dungeon Denizens 50
Molting strangler, skin molt*(roper)Dungeon Denizens 50
Monkeyvise* PF #39 Inside Cover
Moorsnake, giant* (snake, constrict.)Darkmoon Vale 27
Nightbelly boa* (snake, constrictor)PF #3 70
Noosetree* PFCCS 216
Novosis* PF #51 73
Ooze, frothing* Lost Cities 23
Ooze, sorcerer* (gelatinous cube)Dungeon Denizens 20
Otyugh, corpsefeaster* (otyugh) Dungeon Denizens 31
Otyugh, mutant* (otyugh) Dungeon Denizens 31
Otyugh, oozing* (otyugh) Dungeon Denizens 31
Owlbear, arctic* (owlbear) Dungeon Denizens 37
Owlbear, Darklands* (owlbear) Dungeon Denizens 37
Owlbear, fruss* (owlbear) Dungeon Denizens 37
Owlbear, great hook-clawed* (o.b.)Dungeon Denizens 37
Owlbear, screaming* (owlbear) Dungeon Denizens 37
Owlbear, sleeyk* (owlbear) Dungeon Denizens 38
Owlbear, slime* (owlbear) Dungeon Denizens 38
Owlbear, sloth* (owlbear) Dungeon Denizens 38
Owlbear, spectral* (owlbear) Dungeon Denizens 38
Pactmaster* Katapesh,, Legacy of Fire PG 5
Panthereon* Lost Cities 52
Phoenix, evil* Mythical Monsters 50
Plague aurochs* Lost Cities 32
Plague steed* Lost Cities 32
Popcarp* (fish) Darkmoon Vale 27
Psychopomp, amzranei* PF #44 69
Psychopomp, yanakeion* PF #44 69
Pudding, fire* Lost Cities 42
Pyre gut* (tophet) PF #21 87
Rat, scrub* PF #10 65
Ratking* PF #47 Inside Cover
Ravener, nightmare* Undead Revisited 43
Ravener, Thassilonian* Undead Revisited 43
Razorcrow* PFCCS 214
Razorscales* (lizard) Katapesh 19
Redback rattlesnake* (viper, Large)PF #3 70, PF #10 65
Roach, carrion* Carrion Hill 31
Roc, storm* PF #10 65
Roper, mountain* Lost Cities 61
Rust monster, aquatic* (rust monster)Dungeon Denizens 55
Rust monster, electrical* (rust mon.)Dungeon Denizens 55
Scorpion, ember* PF #3 70,PF #10 64, 65
Scorpion, lashtail* Legacy of Fire PG 5
Sevencoat serpent* (non-venomous)PFCCS 214
Shadow, distorted* Undead Revisited 49
Shadow, hidden one* Undead Revisited 50
Shadow, plague* Undead Revisited 50
Shadow, shadetouch* Undead Revisited 50
Shadow, vanishing* Undead Revisited 50
Shardstriker* (roper) Dungeon Denizens 50
Shrew flies* (locust swarm) Korvosa 55
Sigil crag* (roper) Dungeon Denizens 50
Silent screamer* (tophet) PF #21 87
Skeletal archer* Classic Horrors 55
Skeletal champion, magus* Classic Horrors 55
Skeleton, acid* Classic Horrors 54
Skeleton, exploding* Classic Horrors 55
Skeleton, mudra* Classic Horrors 55
Skeleton, multiplying* Classic Horrors 55
Snake, warp* Katapesh 38
Snowflake moth* PFCCS 215
Solifugid* Legacy of Fire PG 5
Spectre, corpulent* Undead Revisited 55
Spider, dusk* Darkmoon Vale 27
Spider, flayleaf* (spider swarm)PFCCS 217
Spider, nightmare* (spider, dream)PF #7 83
Spider, shingle* Korvosa 55
Spore mound* (shambling mound) Dungeon Denizens 62
Sprite, roseblood king* W1 31
Squash, sweet carcass* PF #40 Inside Cover
Star monarch* PF #5 89
Stinkpod (fungus)* PF #41 Inside Cover
Storykin* Harrowing 4
Stunjelly* (gelatinous cube) Dungeon Denizens 20
Suli, undead* Qadira 28
Swarm, abyssal tick* Lost Cities 32
Symbiotic swarm* (shambling mnd.)Dungeon Denizens 59
Tanglethorn mound* (shambl. mnd.)Dungeon Denizens 62
Thylacine, Casmar* PF #31 87
Toad, Hyrantum* Katapesh 38
Tojanida, elder* Misfit Monsters 56
Tojanida, living legacy* Misfit Monsters 56
Tojanida, young* Misfit Monsters 56
Tree, gorao* Heart of Jungle 5
Tree, monkey* Heart of Jungle 5
Tribal totem, greater* PF #39 87
Tsetse fly, giant* (fly, giant) PF #8 85
Typhlipede (eye biter)* Prince of Darkness 10
Vampire Pumpkin* PF #45 Inside Cover
Venomroach, Keleshite* (cockroach)PF #13 85
Vine, spider* Heart of Jungle 6
Vine, viper* Heart of Jungle 6
Viper, vine* PF #39 Inside Cover
Vudran Gharial* (crocodile) PFCCS 215
Vulkard, basalt-roper* (roper) Dungeon Denizens 50
Wendigo, bucca* Mythical Monsters 61
Wendigo, void* Mythical Monsters 61
Whisperlily* PF #39 Inside Cover
White rot* (fungus) PF #13 81
Wight, dust* Undead Revisited 62
Wight, mist* Undead Revisited 62
Wisagatcak* Prince of Darkness 18
Wolf, dream* Darkmoon Vale 24
Wolf, Sarusan* (thylacine) PF #31 87
Wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing, ancient*Misfit Monsters 62
Wolfberry Bush* (assassin vine) PFCCS 217
Worm, alamien* Darkmoon Vale 27
Worm, Great* (purple worm) Dungeon Denizens 43
Worm, Ixion* Prince of Darkness 12
Worm, toothed* PF #42 Inside Cover
Worm, zhen* PFCCS 215,Darkmoon Vale 27
Wraith, white* Undead Revisited 55
Zombie, alchemical* Classic Horrors 54
Zombie, brain-eating* Classic Horrors 55
Zombie, cursed* Classic Horrors 55
Zombie, gasburst* Classic Horrors 55
Zombie, relentless* Classic Horrors 55
Zombie lord, magus* Classic Horrors 55

Grand Lodge

The Slohr from pg 202 of the Campaign Setting or pg 19 of the Guide to Darkmoon Vale. I know it's IP belonging to the Ghostbusters franchise but it'd be nice to see stats.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

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Whoa. Gadigan and Greg. Thanks for being insane.

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

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F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Whoa. Gadigan and Greg. Thanks for being insane.

Just business as usual. :-)

Dark Archive

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Demiurge 1138 wrote:

Going through Lord Gadigan's list:
Mishtu, twigjacks, hippocampus, Elysian titans, arctic worms (frost worms), thunderbirds and guardian daemons (as ceustodaemons) are in Bestiary 2.

Incubus, axebeaks, valkyries and the flying torsos (manngannal [sp]) are in Bestiary 3.

The flightless birds with teeth and the flapping horrors in the Mwangi Expanse are more flavorful ways of saying "dinosaurs", specifically Deinonychus and Pteranodon respectively.

Good catches. Thank you for double-checking my list.

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Whoa. Gadigan and Greg. Thanks for being insane.

Glad I could help! I just finished Distant Worlds and made a list from it.

Distant Worlds:

The Sun-
No New Monsters

First One (Page 6)
Aballonian: Dragonfly Predator Type (Page 6)
Aballonian: Boxy Brain Bot Bureaucrat Type (Page 6)
Aballonian: Mouse-Sized Messanger Type (Page 6)
Aballonian: Jellyfish-Like Mechanic Type (Page 6)
Sharpwing: Pterodactyl-like (Page 8)
Digger: Molelike alien (Page 9)
Aballonian: Digger / Demolitionist Type (Page 9)
Aballoian: Variable Sized Spider-Legged Type (Page 9)

The little purple alien with the crescent-ish shaped head (Page 4)
Semi-Intelligent Fish (Page 10)
Elephantine Isopods (Page 10)
Lashunta, Female (Page 10)
Lashunta, Male (Page 10)
Segmented Centipede Ticks (Page 11)
Bug-Eyed Mountain Eels (Page 11)
Poison-Beaked Sky Fishers (Page 11)
Formians (Page 12)
Shota: Lashunta Lizard-Steed (Page 12) (This one falls into the iffy names boat)

Golarion's Moon-
Wierd Pygmy People with Insectile Heads, Fleshy Wings, or Segmented and Centipede-Like Bodies (Page 14)

Ysoki Rat-Men, Red-Skinned Lizardmen, Akitonian Humans (I'm unsure if these are actually new or are Ratfolk, Lizardmen, and Humans, respectively)
Great Sand Serpents (Page 16)
Khulan: Incorporeal Ghost-Things with large heads, glossy eyes, adn two arms and bodies that trail away to nothing (Page 18)
Arabuk: One part caribou and one part snow leopard (Page 19)
Four-Armed Ancients from the North Pole (Page 19)
Inhuman Alien Ancients from the South Pole (Page 19)

Vercites (Page 20)
Photosynthetic Beasts (Page 21)
Abaki: Chitinous (Page 21)
Dust Mantas: Can burrow (Page 21)
Hoarbats: White furred and drink blood (Page 22)
Bloodbrothers: Keep prey alive in their flesh and take in blood an warmth (Page 22)
Strange Bird-Creatures of Shining Steel (Page 23)

The Diaspora:
Former Residents of Damiar and Iovo (Page 24)
Aballionian: Asteriod-Hopping Spider Type (Page 24)
Void-Binders: Delicate and three-mouthed (Page 24)
Flaresnakes: Brilliantly glowing ribbons (Page 24)
Sarcesians (Page 24)

Eoxians (Page 28)
30-Foot Long Flass Serpents (Page 30)
Semi-Intelligent Grub Colonies (Page 30)
Ellicoths: Blistered with elephantine legs, mournful dirges, and a relentless thrist for soul energy (Page 30)

Triaxians (Page 32)
Giatn Furred Insects (Page 32)
Terrifying Snowbirds (Page 32)
Vapor Boars: Bright-plumed (Page 32)
Dshilen: Centipede-like (Page 32)

Dreamer (Page 36) (Might share the stats of Brethedans)
Birdlike Fliers whose Skin is Both Eye and Digestive Apparatus (Page 36)
Great Cloud-Skates (Page 36)
Keji: Dangerous and Swarming (Page 36)
Tarenake: Utterly Transparent (Page 36)
Humanoid and Centaurlike Arkanans (Page 37)
Pre-Transformation Denizens of Hallas: A combination of snake, cephalopod, and bird (Page 37)
Post-Transformation Denizens of Halls: Energy beings whose minds burn up lesser beinds via mere contact (Page 38)
Pulsating Philosopher Worms (Page 38)
Shover-Jawed Workers (Page 38)
Thing-Legged Priest Bugs (Page 38)
Soaring Butterfly-Shaped Things that Turn the Sun's Light to Food (Page 38)
Perfectly Disguised Ring Serpents (Page 38)
Nanite Swarms (Page 38)

Other Types of Brethedans (Page 40)
Guardian Swarms (Page 40)
Haan: Spiderlike with parachute-sails of gossamer webbing (Page 40)
Sagolath: Anemone-like with poisonous tentacles and lift sacks (Page 40)
Urogs: Senitent tanklike creatures of silicon (Page 41)
Blink Fish: Glow (Page 42)
Orbigati-Dahu: Seal-headed (Page 42)
Easily Domesticated Giant Seahorses (Page 42)
Tube Worms Capable of Devouring a Terrestrial Whale (Page 42)
Kalo: Bat-shaped and transparent (Page 42)
Vortex Sharks (Page 42)
Saber Whales (Page 42)
Maraquoi: Silky furred mammalians with numerous genders (Page 42)
Cattle-Lizards (Page 42)
Emaciated Felines of Thyst (Page 42)
Locust-Voles (Page 42)
Thin Humanoids with Skin that Absorbs all Light (Page 42)
Segmented Fire-Worms (Page 43)

Ilee (Page 44) (Might need a hordeling-like method of generation given the huge variance of types)
Tint Crablike Creatures that Probes and Inject (Page 47)
Automated Defense Turrets (Page 47)

Beasts with Exposed Muscles that Hunt Each Other while Weeping Pus in the Air (Page 48)
Thin Humanoid Apparitions (Page 48)
Flopping Tendonds (Page 48)
Corporeal Gas (Page 48)
Needle-Faced Mosquito Things that Drink the Planet's Black Ichor (Page 48)

The Ice Belt:
Quasi-Elemental Creatures of Frost and Light with Delicate Gossamer Bodies and Crystalline Skeletons that Melt Near the Sun (Page 51)

The Dark Tapestry:
Living Starships of the Dominion of the Black (Page 51)

I didn't add in some of the powerful unique things (the god-computer on Aballon and Forever Queen on Liavara's moon, for instance, and I also didn't list things that aren't specifically something new / lack any real description, like whatever's down in the gas sea and the giant saurians on Castrovel. If you want a list of these I can go through and make it too.)

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Cards, Companion, Maps, Modules, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber
Greg A. Vaughan wrote:

I’ve actually been keeping a list of these for several years with every product I’ve got.

Name Source
Fungal mound from Lost Cities 12
Spore mound from Dungeon Denizens Revisited

Since there is no real crunchy bits for the fungal mound in Lost Cities I am quite sure the monster variant Spore mound from Dungeon Denizens Revisited was meant.

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Calistria's Vengeance Demon : Velvet Wing.

Liberty's Edge

Do any of the missing drakes have 3.5e stats?

Qstor wrote:
Do any of the missing drakes have 3.5e stats?

Ooze and storm drakes from Draconomicon?

What's that undead thing on the cover of the ISWG?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Isn't that Tar-Baphon?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


A bit of a necromancy, but I'd love to see more on the gorgas of Sevenarches (Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to the River Kingdoms). They are clearly First World monsters.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I don't think that the Devil in Grey has been statted up completely yet.

I'd also like to see more information on some of the emissaries of the gods, such as Urgathoa's servant, Olix, if they count.

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