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On Opening My Case of Pathfinder Battles: Heroes & Monsters


Pathfinder Tales Subscriber I pull the plastic off and open the brick boxes...this must be what crack smells like.

The dragon is beautiful, but I shall save her for last.

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

The sweet smell of plastic lingers in the air as I look at the contents of brick one. Not a single double in it. The snake is more red than orange, which I like. So many great figures, but are the two goblins really my favorites? Dare I admit it, even to myself? 21 miniatures, standing in a row. The troll looks crazy. The manticore awesomely fierce. The druid makes me wonder what Elaine Cunningham thinks (even though she's not a half-elf.)

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

UPS got to the Metroplex today. I just opened my first brick; the rest will have to wait for after dinner. :)

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

On the medusa and the succubus!
Brick two had some doubles, not lots. I like the different paint jobs for the goblins. The head of the giant cave spider looks a little funny, but the legs and body are very creepy. The simple human rogue is a winner.

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber
Joana wrote:
UPS got to the Metroplex today. I just opened my first brick; the rest will have to wait for after dinner. :)

Dinner, bah! We should open in tandem across DFW!

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Brick three: Vampire! FROST GIANT! The interchangeable hand is cool.
The Universe has determined that I need more trolls.

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber of my meduasae is missing the tail of the python. :-/

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Brick four, done. Not sure I got them all. I wish there was a list in the brick box.

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

YES! One of EACH!

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

I'll try and be a good Green Man and get some reviews of them up as the days go by. Overall, quite satisfied. I got plenty of goblins, and Abadar knows, I love the Paizo goblins as so many folks do. I had the sheer luck not to get things that I have tons of (spiders, skeletons) for the most part, and multiples of some things I never have enough of (wolves). I sure would have liked to have gotten another spectre, but them's the breaks. I did notice that, if you open them in the same box order, brick-by-brick, you start getting pretty good at predicting multiples after box two.

Now, for the midnight* dragon!


Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Singles: 10
Duplicates: 16
Triplicates: 14

Silver Crusade

I managed to get them all too. On opening I liked the most of the figures, could have done with more ogres, and somehow had three ettins.

The only figure I was unhappy with was the trolls due to the cartoon-ish jaws.

If I buy a case and can always get all the figures, then I think I will be picking these up each time.

I love the black dragon, its the best dragon of its scale in my collection.

Ahh, I missed the DFW opening party, Just got mine Friday, and by saturday I was scouring Fort Worth and Arlington for a sealed brick to round out the numbers.

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