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Steal Combat Maneuver vs a hidden object.

Rules Questions

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Object was a magic gem whose location was discovered by a detect magic spell (overwhelming aura). The gem was hidden with a Sleight of Hand check which would require a DC 30 Perception to search for it. While I never decided where it was, I stated that it was somewhere on my torso and probably more than a move action for my character to take it out.

Could it be stolen via Combat Maneuver? If so, what would be the modifiers?

Grand Lodge

Detect magic bypassed your Sleight of Hand check, for the same reason that blindsense would bypass your Stealth. It sounds as if its location is most similar to a sheathed weapon, so the DC for a Steal is your CMD + 5.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

So the only penalty for reaching into under my shirt and possibly my armor (while I am facing the other direction, because we did just start using facing) is a +5?

And an AoO if they don't have the feat to make it go away.

So, i this case and in the case of stealing a sheathed weapon, if the opponent is flat-footed, do they get their Strength bonus to their CMD?

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