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5e? No, but I can see me buying 6e!

4th Edition

Seriously, I very much like most of Monte Cooks work. I see the possibility that 5e will be something that I like (old school, as you migth have guessed).

But as far as I read, 5e will, again, not be backwards compatible to 4e so WoTC now has 2 editions in a row that leaves their fans with a bunch of useless stuff and I will not buy a game from a company that does that repeatedly, even if it is a good game.

So unless 5e turns out to be the best thing since sliced bread I will wait till 6e releases as a streamlined cooler backwards compatible version of 5e.

Shadow Lodge

Well, if you and others don't buy 5E, there probably will not be a 6E. I'll see what I think when it comes out.

Sovereign Court

Beckett wrote:
Well, if you and others don't buy 5E, there probably will not be a 6E. I'll see what I think when it comes out.

Lots of people telling me DnD's fate is on my shoulders. All I can say is if the milk is sour im not the kind of pussy to drink it.

Scarab Sages

What Pan said. I stopped drinking the milk when 4E was released.

When DnD came out with 4E, that's when I chose my favorite edition and stuck with it. Yep, WotC lost me as a consumer with that edition.

Mighty Thoth - a dnd player since 75-76 - has left his mental signature.

Shadow Lodge

Well, you where the chosen one. It was said you would destroy the edition wars, not join them. . .

Dark Archive

I think - and I am going out on a limb here - I think the new edition may also support 4th.

This is what I am thinking they are going with as a plan....

Base set - very stripped down game with the same classic stats and maybe DCs to conduct tasks.

- A Spells and skill book setup like 1st/2nd ed (this covers those versions), maybe even covering 3rd ed

- A powers/skill challenge book based on 4e

or they can pull the skills out into one book with variant rules in that book (NWP style skills - 2nd ed, Skill checks 3rd ed, Skill Challenges 4e) and you pick which version you are going to add to your base game model.

These products will produce a comparable level of player power but executed in different ways.

So in the end you will be able to play
- a very basic version of D&D (0E, Basic/Expert/etc) style of game
- Advanced D&D 1st/2nd ed
- 3rd Ed style game (this may also just mesh with the 1st/2nd ed style) (compatible with PFRPG)
- 4e non-spell but powers based add on with Skill challenges/Rituals

I actually do think it is doable, really. The biggest problem is creating multiple sort of mini lines and how you are going to support them with adventure product (unless you have multiple stat blocks???).

I am not a fan and on some levels I despise WoTC for what they did with the brand. I do not like 4e at all - I think it would have been a good system for a super hero game - not kidding, the powers system would be ideal for that style of play.

That being said, don't give up until we start to see the drafts. Hopefully they will show some previews of the "modular" content - the modular content effectively being the various editions.

So I don't think they plan on tossing out 4e anytime soon, maybe just a pause - keep the faith for your edition till the writing is on the wall...

......and then you can burn everything down.

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