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Halfling Pistolero Tactics: A Fistfull of d6s?


Grand Lodge

I may soon be replacing my current character in a Curse of the Crimson throne game with a Halfling Pistolero, and I'm wondering whether to prioritize damage per shot or number of shots. Character should start at level 5.

Number of shots gives me more chances to add Dex to damage, but requires expensive alchemical cartridges to get off a full attack.

The GM has graciously houseruled the Vital Strike feat chain into one feat that scales with BAB. So it may be cheaper and just as effective to to pile extra damage dice onto a single shot at full BAB and spend my move actions reloading ordinary ball and powder.

Starting feats are:
(1) Gunsmithing,
(1) Point-Blank Shot
(3) Precise Shot
(4) Extra Grit
(5) Rapid Reload (pistol)

Future feats (suggestions needed!):
(7) Vital Strike?
(8) Deadly Aim?
(9) Far Shot?
(11) Signature Deed (Up Close and Deadly)
(12) ???
(13) ???
(15) ???
(16) ???
(17) ???
(19) ???
(20) ???

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