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Demonblood stats?

Pathfinder Tales

Liberty's Edge Contributor

Robin D. Laws introduced the concept of using demonblood as an addictive drug in The Worldwound Gambit. I thought this was a particularly interesting concept and have found that it might fit into the storyline of a campaign I'm currently running.

Does anyone know if there are stats for this particular substance, using the rules presented in the Gamemastery Guide? I can certainly create my own, but if the stats are already published elsewhere, I'd prefer to use those.


Liberty's Edge Contributor

As a result of a well-placed and kindly answered query, I have learned that there may be plans to present the rules for demonblood in an upcoming supplement.

Any chance we could get a sneak peek? Pretty please? :-D

Paizo Employee Creative Director, Starfinder Team

Actually, rules for demon blood were in print *before* Robin's book came out, 'cause we're crafty like that. :) Book of the Damned 2: Lords of Chaos, page 44!

Liberty's Edge Contributor

Oh. I see. I should have known...literally. ;)

Thanks for the pointer, James! This will be a very useful item.

Liberty's Edge Contributor

I decided that I preferred to have stats for using demonblood with the Gamemastery Guide's drugs and addiction rules, so I made up my own. I've posted them for free on my website. Enjoy!

Demonblood stats

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