What's the most continuously useful 12HD truename discovery?


Lets say you're an 11th level wizard and you take the truename discovery. You're planning on playing this game till 20+ level. What creature is the most consistently useful.

I assume it's not a combat creature simply for the fact that it will be less useful as the CR increases.


True Name (Sp):

: Your researches into ancient tomes and your inquisitions of bound spirits have led you to one of the best-hidden secrets of the multiverse: the true name of an outsider—the name that defines the very essence of the creature and that gives the speaker control over the being. This outsider can have no more than 12 Hit Dice. Once per day, you can speak the common name by which the outsider is known, and the outsider travels to you as if you had cast planar binding upon it. It must obey you to the best of its ability, without pay or bargaining for its services, for its fear that you might release its true name to the wider world is enough to bring even the most recalcitrant of outsiders to bear.

If the creature is within 100 feet, as a move action, you may punish it by deliberately mispronouncing its name, wracking its very essence and giving it the sickened and staggered conditions for 1 round (even if the creature is normally immune to these conditions). You cannot use true name in an area of silence, but the creature does not have to be able to hear you for it to be harmed by the ability.

It is in your best interest to call this creature only sparingly, and occasionally reward it in some fashion to mollify its wrath. If you repeatedly fail to offer it a reward appropriate to its type and ethos, the creature may begin plotting ways to destroy the bond between you, whether by creating an accident that will destroy your memory of the name, by plaguing you with nuisances or dangers until you vow never to call on it again, or by actively seeking to destroy you through its own devices or those of an underling. If this creature is of a lawful type and you are violating its ethos, its superiors may even destroy it or you rather than allow you to contaminate their servant further. Worse, they may establish situations where it is necessary for you to summon this outsider, opening gateways to infernal or angelic interference, in order to gain a foothold on the Material Plane.

You may select this discovery multiple times. Each time you select this discovery, it applies to a different, specific outsider. You must be at least an 11th-level wizard to select this discovery. If you select this discovery at 15th level or higher, the creature may have up to 18 Hit Dice and the call acts as greater planar binding instead of planar binding .

A succubus would likely let you get away with a +2 profane bonus to a stat via Profane Gift. Dont impose on her too much, stipulate that she wont remove it or manipulate you with it, and maybe occasionally ask for her assistance bypassing a guard or something (maybe let her keep the guard)... seems like it'd be useful, and the True Name thing should keep her in line.

Just try not to be too tempted by the fact that you've got a Succubus on call...

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Vizier Djinni Genie - Noble 10 HD
They grant 3 wishes to any being (nongenies) who capture them.

WhipShire wrote:

Vizier Djinni Genie - Noble 10 HD

They grant 3 wishes to any being (nongenies) who capture them.

then just never call him again?

WhipShire wrote:

Vizier Djinni Genie - Noble 10 HD

They grant 3 wishes to any being (nongenies) who capture them.

Wait what?

This is an option?



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I would use him sparingly. Lol. Wish is very powerful. Depending on alignment and the fact he is a Noble Genie I would bargain with him and use a reward as the class feature suggest.

If I remember right The Legacy of Fire AP has rules on using wishes.

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Djinni and Efreet are always at war. One way that casters over the years have secured the servitude of a Djinni is by promising to aid the cause against thier hated enemy the Efreet.

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Another interesting option is the Ahkana Aeon. It's power over life and death make healing and resurrection a non-issue.

A Kolyarut(Inevitable) can cast Enervation at will. They are also human-sized and can disguise themselves.

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