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Appropriate stat block for Lorthact?

Pathfinder Modules

Has anyone put together a stat block for Lorthact? I'm running a module in which he appears (name not mentioned to avoid spoilers) for a group of inquisitive players and just want to make sure I'm prepared with a reasonable stat block if they start poking around too much outside the module as written.

As a last resort, I can take something and wing it, but haven't found a printed Devil that seemed quite right and none included appropriate gear.

The module lists his CR at 23, but Guide to Korvosa indicates that he's an Infernal, which is listed in the 1.5 D20 SRD ( at CR 26. I couldn't find an Infernal listed in any of the Pathfinder references, but perhaps I wasn't looking in the right places.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting Subscriber

In Guide to Korvosa, he's referred to as "an infernal duke," not the actual creature type infernal. If you have Princes of Darkness (a resource on Golarion's devils), you'll see that infernal duke is a title. They're the equivalent of nascent demon lords, which is to say they are minor demigods with a CR below 25.

Paizo Employee Developer

As GV said above, Lorthact is an infernal duke, which is a category or unique, high-level devils with specific roles in the hierarchy of Hell. In most cases, they're advanced pit fiends. To get quick stats for Lorthact in case your unfortunate players decide they want to go head to head with him, I'd do one of the following:

1) give a pit fiend 3 class levels (probably fighter) to increase his BAB, saves, feats, skills, and ability scores (for adding class levels to a monster).
2) Apply the simple and giant template to raise a pit fiend's CR by 2 and then give him a unique and powerful ability worth about 1 more CR bump to represent his unique status as an (exiled) infernal duke.
3) Simply increase a pit fiend's hit dice as far as you think you should to get a CR 23 challenge. Since Table 1–1 in the Bestiary doesn't go above CR 20, you'll likely need to extrapolate from existing CR 23 monsters or by continuing the trends in the table an additional 3 steps.

Best of luck, and be sure to share your final stat block on this thread so others can use it in their games!

My suggestion is to look at the canon material, find out what Lorthact has done, and then figure out how he managed it. If he's an Advanced, Giant Pit Fiend Fighter 3 with a unique Infernal Duke power, how did he...

Do this?:

1. Pretend to be a human wizard. (Pit Fiends have no inate ability to change shape, so he needs a spell, item or special ability to do this. If someone gives him a scroll, he can't just add it to his spells per day if he only has SLAs, so that would look suspicious.)

2. Fight a hit-squad of Pit Fiends and Cornugons, in public, while keeping the ruse that he's a wizard. (Lorthact could not do this with just a normal pit fiend's spell like abilities. Devils are immune to fire spells and his poison, the types involved have too many HP for power word stun as an opener, and they have good SR and saves.)

3. Escape the hit-squad, and fake his death such that Asmodeus didn't send another. (This says Project Image, Simulacrum or some other means of making it appear he died while being elsewhere, and some nice anti-divination spells that can fool gods who aren't looking too closely.)

4. Create a demiplane. (This one requires an 8th-9th level spell or special power, but is awkward as an SLA...I mean, how often do you need to use it?)

Conclusion: At the very least, you need to customize his list of spell-like abilities and give him the Master of Magic supernatural ability from the Infernal Duke entry so that he has the required spells. Alternatively, you could give him actual levels in wizard, which would at least grant him the ability to use items of spells off the wizard list, and to effectively fake having a bonded item/familiar and a spell book.

And Mark, I'm not saying your build is not a good framework, just that it needs a few more adjustments and maybe some equipment to account for the stuff he's done in canon.

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