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Interesting resolution to a Golem of a problem (spoilers)

Carrion Crown

After killing off half the party last game session (see Obits thread), the adventurers were very cautious as they reached the summit of Castle Caromarc and the final two towers. They opted to by bypass the cluster of 4 towers and fly directly to the bridge of the final tower. They struggled greatly against the Golem guarding the tower. They scouted out the second floor and encountered Waxwood.

I was seriously worried about a TPK in this adventure and Waxwood is a great tool to help lower the risk by providing lots of hints to the PCs about what's going on, dangers especially.

They failed to decipher the writing on the wall and also failed to get the Bondslave device fully activated. They quickly realized that the Abomination was not to be trifled with and fled. After resting they came up with a plan to lure the abomination out of the room holding Caromarc and seal him on the floor below between the two Adamantine trap doors. I thought the plan was very clever and it went off without any serious problems. They used Stoneshape to free caromarc and then retreated to the living area part of the castle in case the golem was able to free itself.

Caromarc was greatful to be freed and the adventure continued as if the Abomination was destroyed. The party had no desire to return to town so he pointed the party in the right direction of the cultists and provided them with the invite for the hunting lodge.

Next stop Broken Moon.

Sovereign Court

As someone whose been through that part of the adventure path. Who is Waxwood?

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Waxwood is Caromarc's homonculous

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