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What's so bad about Second Darkness?

Second Darkness

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My group is still slugging through Armageddon Echo but I don't see any problems up through the end of it (some tweaks here and there). I haven't yet read Endless Night but I don't think there will be much of a problem there (from what I have read on here) aside from the changes to "who is on who's side?" aspect.

I do see a problem with the feel of A Memory of Darkness so I have a question.


In brief, how does the "Skeletons of Scarwall" fit in the place of the 5th book? I only ask because I may want to borrow the idea. My group likely will not make it to that book until the end of this year so I have some time to make plans.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


And you guys have shown what is so wrong with the AP. Extensive rewrites and replacing entire books of the AP.

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We ran through it didnt need excessive rewrites but thats with our group


You're in the minority.


Sanakht Inaros wrote:
You're in the minority.

As am I. Book 5 right now. Aside from revamping the encounters to Pathfinder stats, I haven't had to rewrite any of the plot. Most of my party is fairly confident that the queen is on their side, thanks to paying close attention during the initial meeting, the clue she leaves at the house, and one sending spell when they were overthinking things. Still not sure why so many are having problems with it.

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